Information Uncovered - The Wool, The Silver, The Guilds



But is that a well as in a location, because didn’t Teddy Fallon reveal to Marty that HE is a well himself? Are they the same? Different?



I always assumed that Fallon calling Martin Rank a well was more of a colloquialism, using the familiar “well” concept to apply to Martin’s similar gift? Or, people can also be holes in spacetime. I mean… why not.


@Saberlane As for the “when” of Neithernor’s creation, given what I know about magic and time, (Specifically relating to when the mounties were able to interact with our '98 community) is it possible that whoever made Neithernor hasn’t actually made it yet?
That it’s something created in our future by a powerful person or persons that is sent to exist in the past to help protect/aid past Magiq users?


Maybe Teddy didn’t have a real understanding of what a well is, and how it differs from Marty’s gift…

Much like us, in this case, I’m afraid.


At this point, yes totally yes, that’s a possibility too. I would site Occam’s Razor but we’re waaaaay out of rational territory here.

I mean, you’ve already time-traveled once in the past twelve months…


I officially love this person. Can we keep them?


He’s definitely a keeper.




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As far as the good vs evil debacle - I think, at least on the lower levels, there seems to be little difference between the Silver and the Woolies. Aisling Green stands out as someone who was a good person, but followed the path of Silver. If I remember right, the Low were considered more Silver-like in their journey, but the people we met from that world seemed to be a mixed bag. Aether and Constance were great people, at least, and the librarians from the Athenaeum seemed to be at least well meaning.

I would say, at the higher levels, the Woolies seem to be good, or at least well meaning, while the upper levels of the Silver seem to be pretty evil. However, especially at the lower levels, it seems there’s a lot more shades of grey and we should consider that when we’re making judgements on these organizations.


I don’t like to fling that label on anyone lightly.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in the words of Terry Goodkind, evil is bad that believes itself to be good.

People as individuals are rarely ever black and white, as you more or less said… we tend to polarize as a group, going to extremes we’d never have if we were on our own. We also tend, in groupthink scenarios, to gain a false sense of moral superiority and righteousness, however undeserving.

Sometimes, stumbling across power and influence makes you do things you never believed you would do. Those who participate have to be held accountable, but we also don’t know for sure how aware some members of the Silver (or simply followers of the Path of Silver) are of what is going on at the heart of their organization.

The history of the Wool and Silver, we were somewhat familiar with, although I confess I hadn’t fully strung the whole of it together. What’s more disturbing to me is the latter part of what we uncovered.

It has a really… repulsive appeal. Like having a deep bruise that you can’t stop prodding at. Or a gap in your gums that you can’t stop playing with after you’ve had a tooth pulled. It touches something raw and unpleasant, in a mesmerizing way.


I have been hesitant to comment on this for a few reasons, most of all that my Ebenguard side has completely won over and I feel it is rather black and white here.
The Wool may have once been good, their intentions may once have been pure, but it is very clear to me now those times are behind us. Monarch Mountain, like ourselves, are just one facet of the Path of Wool, but they are by far the most prominent and powerful. MM has shown us, in just the last two years, the true face of evil.
They have waited, while innocent people, while innocent Mountaineers have fought their cause for them and died. They stayed their hand while brave men sacrificed themselves for a family that was closer than any blood could make a family. They stayed their hands while a mother, panicked and afraid, wanted nothing more than to take her daughter and run. But the real kicker here, the thing that makes my blood boil, is that while we were off fighting our war, watching our leaders leave us or die. They watched. In silence. Not once offering us a hand of reassurance or an olive branch of hope. They let us solve the books puzzles, to work tirelessly to save magiq, and it wasn’t until they were absolutely sure we could do it that they made themselves known to us.

The Silver, I fear, are far worse. They have, from what we have seen, actively promoted greed and hate. The Cagliostro, blessed with eternal life, was so eager to give it up that he literally summoned a god to aid him. They tortured not only a teen, a Gossmerin, one of my own guild mates, but a child and a fellow Mountaineer as well. I had known Alison from the beginning, we had spoken little but she was both kind and wise, and she did not deserve what they did to her. None of them did. The point stands, I know, that like Wool, Silver has many facets, and KS was only one such facet. So was Cags Cult. The home they made in Neithernor was an island so dark, that Sullivan himself feared it. Their legacy is an ink stain on the map of paradise, at least in my eyes.
I think the thing to remember here is that, we are not them. We are better, we can be better.
We will be better.


Something that worries me at times is that the history of the Silver and Wool is black and white. Why? Because it makes it sense; one side is good and one is bad. But from everything I’ve seen, this isn’t the case. Sure the Silver are probably completely and utterly evil, I mean, it takes having no humanity to create something like the Storm. But from what I’ve seen of the current iteration of Monarch’s Mountain, they aren’t completely good guys also. Maybe there is some good within the Silver. It would only show how true The Great Chaos is by having these parts of evil and good mixed in.

Sometimes we need to look at the tree before judging why the apple turned out rotten and sometimes there’s a worm that ruined the apple. And sometimes the apple is just a jerk and deserves to be thrown on the ground. The Cagillostro, as immortal and wise as immortality lets one be, showed us just how desperate humans can become and what they will do to get what they want. Maybe we need to look deeper into the history of the paths of Wool and Silver to figure out what went wrong and how we can stop it from occurring again. We know there are more groups of Magiq users that just us, maybe we can stop another KS from starting this way.


I don’t think that the path of silver is completely evil, nor do I agree that it takes a complete lack of humanity to create the storm, for example Oppenheimer created the Nuclear Bomb, but he himself was considered to be very kind by his peers. Yes the Storm in itself is evil, but the people who created it may not be.


I have to disagree. The nuclear bomb was used to end one of the biggest wars in human history. It’s very purpose is to impose deterrence by knowledge of its power. The Storm was created fully knowing it’s purpose and what it would do. It’s very purpose is to eradicate all magiq users when they find the Book of Briar and start unlocking it.


Yes, but that position assumes that the ends justify the means. The nuclear bomb was used to end one of the biggest wars in history, however it doesn’t discount the fact that it killed thousands of people, and the bomb was created with intent of that in mind, but the people who created it where not necessarily evil. While the bomb was created to deter war, the storm was created to deter the use of magiq.


Not really. The Storm didn’t go after all magicians, but only the who were attempting to open the BoB.


We don’t really know that, do we? Other than our brief, intermittent interactions with The Low, we’re pretty isolated in the greater magiq community; we don’t know who else has been taken by the Storm over the ages, or who else has been hiding in fear of the Storm. The Silver used the Storm as a means to gain more and more magiqal artifacts, there’s no reason they wouldn’t use it on anybody holding on to sheds of that power and not just MM/Wool/Us.


…still vouching for magic treasure island