I made a number of things!


And I may make the rest if anyone is interested. I took on a big craft project last year, and am just starting to finish it up, finally. Thinking about what the book said at the end, that we need to create and all that, I was thinking about that as I worked on my project last night.

This is what I came up with:

Chronocompass small
Chronocompass Large

If you’ve no idea what you’re looking at, I’ll let you in on what they are. These are cross stitch patterns for all of the guilds, as well as the chronocompass! All of the guilds are fairly small, less than 6"x6". The large chronocompass is about 10.5x10.5 ish. Fair warning if you decide to make them- this is my first time ever drafting my own pattern, so use at your own risk!

I am a little worried that they may be too detailed for such a small project, which is why I’d made the one larger compass.


@manji You linked balimora to your compass, not to your balimora emblem. Just so you know.


These are INCREDIBLE!!


@VictorianFlorist Thanks for the heads up. I think it should be fixed now.

@Saberlane Thanks! I was definitely feeling inspired.


I think you’ve found your tribe. :slight_smile: I was literally thinking yesterday about offering something like this in the shop eventually. Little kits with thread, etc.


That’d be super cute, and really easy to put together.


Manji you have definitely found your people, these are amazing! Great work :blush:


Dude! These are awesome! You even have the numbers for the colours! I might have to use a few of these. Against my better judgement, I am tempted to start a tapestry or something.


Another cross-stitcher! :deirdreexcited:

I was working with bookmarks when I tried my hand at designing some, so they definitely aren’t as detailed as yours.

not to co-opt the thread, but if anyone were interested in those patterns too…

And Sel, now that there’s a bigger pattern for the Chronocompass, my brain’s revisiting that Chronocompass blanket idea again, so I get it.


Yes! I want yours too! They were nice and small


Balimora (I will be first to admit that the dark branches are really hard to see)
D’s Journal/Herman

And four that I haven’t tested yet… (but they’re all one color with back stitch over it, so there’s just the issue of the long jumps between holes that could prove problematic with the bookmarks I’ve been using)


These are AWSOME!


How does this work? Is it like knitting?


More like embroidery


Cross stitch (though I’ve seen people use cross stitch patterns for corner-to-corner crochet).


So is it like something you put in a jacket or make by itself?


@Mr5yy Have you ever done perler beads before? It’s kind of like that; only with thread. You stitch little x’s on fabric to make a picture. They’re usually framed when they’re done.


Ahhh. That makes sense.


Ooooo this is exciting! I haven’t done cross-stitch in ages, but I was thinking of trying to pick up embroidery, so I’ll probably give these a go too!


Found some examples