I have stopped getting email notifications :(


As the topic says. I no longer receive emails for threads I am watching or tracking. I check in periodically (as time allows), but obviously if I know that discussion is occurring I am prompted to check in more often.


looking into it now, @reesylou.


tweaked a couple settings, lemme know if you don’t start getting notifications again.


That seems to have fixed it - I didn’t get the looking into it, but did get the second message.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m also not getting them


still a problem @Ricardo?


Sadly yeah, the only ones i get are Direct Messages only


If you’re active on the forum you won’t get as many notifications but I changed your account to receive all notifications even if you’re active. lemme know if that helps.


Okay thank you, I’ll let you know.


yeah, i dont get them anymore, even some on the website


is this post dead? i really need this solved… :frowning:


I don’t have the access to the nitty gritty of the site, but let’s run down some common issues.

  1. Have you ever gotten a notification from the book of briars or eave’s recaps?

  2. If you go into your profile, is your email address correct?

  3. Could they be in your spam folder perhaps?

  4. Does your email address have any odd characters? I had an address with a hyphen in it and some websites just refuse to believe that’s a valid character for an email.

  5. Are you in Europe? Do you need an adapter? (That’s a joke no one will get, but it amuses me so I’m leaving it in).


I never received anything from the book but i have received email notifications before! My email is correct and they are not in spam.


@Ricardo, you only receive topic-specific notifications when you’re active in the topic. if not recently active you’ll only get once in a while forum summaries, depending on the frequency that you participate/visit here. can check your specific account when i’m back at desk.