"I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner"


“Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings”

“And well we got off to a rough start”

“Joke’s over man it’s time to get serious”

“Get ready for the storm, it’s coming”

“But you gotta keep the faith”

“Here is the file and it’s all you need to know”

“now excuse me while I kiss this guy”


Wow, Alanis Morisette, Eminem, Micheal Jackson, Iron Maiden, Hendrix…
Impressive lyric quoting Stevie-my-boy. :sunglasses:


“Entry intake usually occurs at any of the four solstices/equinoxes.” - This explains the influx of new blood here at Basecamp!


In the words of Tom Lehrer: Spring is here, so its no surprise that life is a growing in these parts and frankly, after the doldrums lately, its great to see!