Honorable Mentions


Got this idea from others, so I’m going to be going through and posting some honorable mentions of those who did amazing work during the Fragments!
If you think of someone, put them below!


The first mention is for @Rimor!!! For amazing work and helpful ideas!


For @Viviane, going beyond the call of duty and beating the last leg of the Fragment, you get legs!


@Deyavi and @Robert, for holding us together and helping to make sense of our wonderful mess!


:joy: the legs


Bahahahaha, yasss! This is an excellent thread, 5. Awesome idea.


@Smurfette, for your amazing ideas when the lulls came through!


Also @Ashburn for helping work through all of the letter combos, as well as the brave sacrifice of fabric scissors to the cause. :wink:


And one for @Skylad for having that sweet sweet Aussie accent :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


And being smoldering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heck ya!


Take note everyone! My new Fav Mountie!


Can’t take the smolder at times… You might have to step out the door to let it go down a couple notches.


Hey his drinking is a major plus what can I say!?!


Hey don’t forget your self @Mr5yy! You’ve been just as helpful as I have!


@cheyyyme for being the ultimate lurker.


Lurking status increased.


So I was browsing the Maqic Wiki and I saw this http://magiq.wikia.com/wiki/Fletcher_Dawson_Correspondences
It’s amazing! I don’t know who did it, but congrats to you!


Oh @Revenir and @Nimueh, 90’s correspondence keepers (that I know of)…


I have to give a shout out to our musically inclined Mounties, who were"instrumental" in completing this Fragment! Get it? Instrumental? Anybody?

Yeah. I know. Dad joke.