Hogwarts+Ilvermorny Houses


Oh look more nerd stuff


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Patronus: Ragdoll Cat
Wand: Cypress Wood with a Unicorn hair core, length 10 and 3/4" and rigid flexibility.


I’m a Weatherwatch here, a Slytherin at Hogwarts, and a Thunderbird at Ilvermorny. My patronus is a Thestral. My wand is maple with a phoenix feather core, 14 1/2" in length, surprisingly swishy. Let’s geek it up, nerds.


I’m a Balimoran
In Slytherin & pukwudgie
My wand is Fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 9 ¾" and surprisingly swishy
And my potronus is a Boar


Weatherwatch over here
I am in Hufflepuff and a horned serpent
wand is Laurel wood Unicorn hair core 14 ½" in length Supple flexibility
Patronus is a River Otter


Thornmouth, Gryffindor, Horned Serpent, and my Patronus is Badger.


I am a Balimoran, Slytherin for Hogwarts, and puckwudgie forward ilvermvoruny. My want is a pine wood, dragon heart string 12 3/4 inches and rigid flexibility. My patronus is a hippogriff.


Ravenclaw/Thunderbird. Patronus is a magpie. Wand is Vine, Unicorn Hair core, 10 3/4 in, Unyielding flexibility.
(as you can tell, there is kind of a bird theme going here :wink:)