Hi, I'm H3RM3S, and It's Been A While


Holy crap it has been a while. I left off Fragment Four after the mission I did, and now we’re here. I’ve been so busy with school, but I’m back now. Could someone please fill me in on all I’ve missed so I can get back on track and become helpful again.

It’s good to be back,


It’s good to see you again @H3RM3S! How have you been?
So much has happened since The Cloisters, I don’t know where to start. You could try the fragment recaps, starting from Fragment 5, that should get you pretty caught up.


Thanks @Leigha I’ll go do that.


Welcome back @H3RM3S ! We’ve told tales of your library and cloister exploits to new mountaineers for a while now!


Welcome home H3RM3S! I was worried something had happened!


Thanks guys! I’m gonna go finish catching up.


Welcome back! I’m new to you, I joined right before fragment 9. Recap vids are there and there is always Eaves recaps you can read over. I’m sure anyone who’s active can fill you in if need be.

We’ll be doing a spell casting on Wednesday, so make sure you watch if you have time. We wrote the spell ourselves!




Great to be back


I joined in Fragment 5!