Have Questions for The Making of TMP: Siren’s Lace (Fragment 4)? Ask them here!


Simon, Jonny, and I are recording episode 4 of the The Making of TMP this Friday afternoon. If you have questions, post them here!


Oh man, lots of questions on this one. In one the the previous episodes, you mentioned Kemetic Solutions didn’t get developed until much later on. But Reader mentioned that The Devoted were being infiltrated by an outsider group. What kinds of back stories did you have developed for that before KS? Was there a possibility of the Devoted’s corruption not playing out in future events or had you always plotted that breadcrumb to develop into something more? Other things - Marty mentioned the Devoted had roped others into their schemes in the past. Will we ever learn more about those people?

I think I may have asked this in a previous thread, but I’d love to hear more about Brandon and his adventures post-escaping the forest. Anything you can tell us about his development as a character as well?


I’d love to ask questions on every little step, but I think just your normal recap of what happened and what went right or wrong would cover almost all of them.

Can’t wait to hear all about it.


We’re in a bit of a chicken or the egg situation because a lot of times your questions remind us what happened! :flushed:


Speaking of fragment four, I just checked my phone and had a flashback:


You may have already answered this one at some point, but did you have a contingency plan if Hermes hadn’t shown up when he did? Because if remember correctly, he joined just before we figured out the Traveler’s Disc was at the Cloisters. That was really fortuitous timing. We really didn’t have anyone else to send in except Cole. Was that the original plan, to send Cole to meet with Reader?


We recorded for over an hour and only got halfway through so, as expected, we’re breaking it down into two parts!