Happy Memories


Post your protective, happy memories


Fixed that typo for you ;D



Morgan Library


My first introduction to fourms


Setting Brandon Free
element: rosemary sage lavender thyme salt earth ash


Trolling the Devoted with images of dogs wearing people clothes.

Also just realized how weird my memory is in comparison to your guys’ thoughtful ones. :sweat_smile:


Mine was coming in towards the end of the 2nd assessment and feeling really dumb, but everyone was super encouraging.
So my word on the box was encouragement.

SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions

Being Told Magiq Is Real
and Finding Home

Element was a feather


Hey, so tell me if this is SUPER lame but I was wondering what everyone elses favorite memories where?


I’m interested to know as well! I thought it was fun to read what other people have remembered fondly about the forums, I’d definitely be interested to hear more.


Mine is kind of the same as Hannah’s.

Coming in, I felt crazy apprehensive and nervous, like I was going to stick out as the new guy who doesn’t know anything.

But everyone has been super nice and made me feel welcome, like I’ve been here forever. You guys and gals are great. :heart: