Guild Themed Makeup


Okay, so I have a lot of interest in honing my makeup skills and I figured I could give my practice a TMP twist. What looks would you want to see me do? Would you want me to make videos, do photo journals, a before and after, or something else?

  • Balimora
  • Ebenguard
  • Flinterforge
  • Gossmere
  • Thornmouth
  • Weatherwatch
  • Polyguild
  • The Seventh Guild
  • Character themed

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Some comment on my choices:

Balimora is the obvious choice. Guild pride!

And for character themed, I’m thinking Steve.






Isn’t it technically still Guild Pride if cheyyy does Steve? IJS


Fair observation. I suppose it would be :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t see anything wrong with that.


So what format would be best for y’all?


Cags pls (either Lauren or OG Swagliostro)


Okay yeah honestly, I think some Cags makeup would be the bomb,


I will be doing my first three looks soon:
Steve (lady!Steve)
and OG Cags (I imagine he dabbled in rap at some point, right?)

Please let me know what format would be best :slight_smile:

  • Before/after photos
  • Video
  • Photo journal
  • Other- please specify

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I took my attempt at Balimoran Makeup and will definitely try and remember to do my own guild :joy:. But anyways, if anyone wants to see it, i could post it to this thread.




Here it is!


I love it! And also, your hair makes me jealous.


Hair…Face… Makeup abilities, basically you,
You make me jealous XD

In all sincerity that is SO cool! Have you considered posting it in the campfire? Im sure that kind of creativity would be awesome to inspire all our new players!


Done. Here:


Lauren is looking rather dapper today. It’s all smoke in mirrors.




Feeling mischievous today :smiling_imp: