Guild Themed Makeup and Costumes


I have created this thread for people to show off their creations of guild themed makeup and costumes, also other things such as necklaces or earrings. Furthermore, I have included my version of Balimoran makeup below.


This is SO awesome! It inspired me to do a Gossmere look:) Ill post it here when im done!
Great look Thorn! (Thorn or Gold for short? Poll?)


I will do a poll in the cabinet of otherworldly wonders if I can figure out how.


I’ve been thinking of doing a Cags cosplay for Briarcon. I’ve got most of the peices but I’ll have to find the rest in October.


Adore the makeup, @Goldthorn, love the idea! :slight_smile: I’d love to see someone do some guild-themed nail art with the makeup. Might give it a try myself sometime!


I’m so glad others are sharing their awesome fashion takes on the guilds and characters. I’ll be starting on my project soon :slight_smile:


Goss nails on @Moose


Poll for my nickname:




Oh goodness me


Check out my first makeup look over in the cabinet :nail_care:


Another out there makeup look over in the cabinet. My next one I’ll post here. :kiss:


Any opinions on what makeup look I should try? I’m doing Thornmouth next but after that I’m unsure.


Flinter nails on Mum :flinterforge: