Guild produce


A few of us were talking and we thought up some little ideas that just seem to make sense. Special Goss branded hazelnut coffee, Thornmouth herbal teas grown from a patch at the base of the lighthouse, and maybe a grove of fruit trees in the Goss or Bali compounds? Feel free to expand on this/ come up with new ideas of what goods you think the guilds might produce to fund the Mountaineers.


I would think we Gossmerim grow healing herbs for magiqal poultices and medicaments.


Hazelnut trees grow outside the compound entrance, and me and @Augustus_Octavian turn that into magiqal coffee brews :heart_eyes:

Healing herbs grow on the compounds roofs and in window sills

And a grove of Pomegranates, Apples, Plums, and Peaches grow in the back


Herbs and fruit are grown in the orachards by Balimorans to be dried later on into the finest teas, snacks, and cooking ingredients the world might now about.


Only the finest of wines from Thornmouth. Nothing is better than curling up with a tall glass and reading the day away.


Flinterforged alchemical energy drinks that work just like caffeine but with no side effects.


I need those. Caffeine doesn’t agree with me.


I might have to change Guilds.


Weatherwatch mid strength beer :grin:


I was thinking Rum for Weatherwatch but beer would certainly work!


I feel like Flinterforge foods would all be efficient, easy to make foods? Like instant cup noodles and microwave meals, but ones that actually taste good and are reasonably good for you. No MSG in these noodles - just magiqal herbs, spices, and convection techniques. That way, we can get some food quickly and get back to working in the Flintershop.


I need these so much. You guys need to get to work on them over at the research center, @Revenir.


Ebenguard would…have some kind of produce.
either way, a full line of different guild products works.
Maybe we brew something or cultivate the hardier magical herbs.