Guild Polyvores?


So, for people who don’t know what Polyvore is, it’s kind of like a digital version of clipping out outfits from magazines and turning them into a collage. You use their clipper tool (or other things people have clipped) to create a little collage of outfits. A lot of people use them to plan potential outfits, make fashion choices for characters in their stories, or just for fun.

But I thought maybe it would be cool to do it for the guilds as well? Or, really, for anything in the Magiqverse that inspires you. Feel free to throw out brachursis-inspired polyvores. :wink:

I’m a bit pressed for time, so this is pretty awkward looking, but here’s a rough example of one for Gossmere:

It’s pretty terrible because of time crunching and terrible coffee shop wifi, but you get the gist, yeah?


Balimoran Casual Look


What would @Steve pack in a rucksack for an adventure? Well here is my approximation. Sort of the start to a capsule/travel wardrobe.


I did a quick Weatherwatch styling and a quick Thornmouth one as well. I want to see what the guild members come up with too!


Chey I would totally rock that Bali Casual look. I love that pendant.


So I’m useless when it comes to Polyvore but I am embarrassingly familiar with fashion games. So here are Thornmouth and Balimora.


Ebenguard. Life in one hand, death in the other. Perfect balance.