Guild Objects


@Nimueh, those are super cool! Ebenguard seems pretty accurate (they’re balance, so I imagine elf-like).


I think that fits Gossmere quite well!


I love the Weapons @Nimueh!
As a WeatherWatcher I am used to blades myself. But a Magiq staff would be interesting and beautiful as well.


Aye, agreed. We’d essentially carry tomes, grimoires, artifacts and the like into battle. We’d essentially be the Caster class from Fate/Zero.


I reckon that we (Balimora) would be that person who always has everything on them. You need a tissue, sure? Hungry, I’ve got a selection. Need a tiny tiny tiny car for your little faerie that you carry around in your pocket… OF COURSE, I HAVE IT!


Sounds about right to me


Sounds absolutely like the truest thing I’ve ever heard said about us.


If we’re talking weapons, I definitely agree that Flinterforge uses warhammers and battleaxes (we’re dwarves, that’s just how it is). But looking at our magic affinity, we apparently have a knack for alchemy and runes. Translation: MAGIC TRAPS AND BOMBS!!!
“We’ve got you cornered, kid. Just give up now and-”
“Oh no.”


Oh, the warhammer was definitely just personal preference. I think the scope of Flinterforge’s weaponry is limited only by our ingenuity…so, y’know, pretty much whatever we can dream up. :wink: I do like the idea of mecha-magiq traps, though. Hmm.



we are Mary Poppins: it’s 100% confirmed :joy::joy:


I agree, a war hammer fits your guild perfectly!


Absolutely in love with the Thornmouth potion! It’s amazing! :black_heart::heart_eyes::books:


Oh yeah and the Flinterforge one looks awesome too


I figure each guild has a couple Guild-Specific items that new inductees receive after being welcomed to the guild.

All initiates to the guilds are given a chronocompass.
One of the first major tests of the world of magiq is finding a purpose via the compass and it’s secrets.

past that, each guild has their own rites, initiations, and their own relics and artifacts.


Reigniting this thread cause i want to see what kind fo artifacts adn relics people could come up with for the guilds.

i’ll have a write up of some things up soon.


I actually had a thought about this too, the other day I was in this gallery and I found this

It was this cool little kelidoscope that gave me major magiq vibes. I am working on a name for it but I think I’ve settled on “The scope of the wandering eye” and its used by Weatherwatch to identify stars, planets, constellations… ECT.


I see certain items for each guild. including some of the ones in posts above this one.

Ebenguard: Ebenguards have a couple different items. They are given two sets of weapons. A bow and quiver is the first set, and the second is one of their choosing. usually this one is of the type they feel affinity to in their use of combat magic. They are also given a small pouch of sand and a small pouch of stones. These pouches can be used in scrying. The bow is usually made by each initiate, and made with their own hands to solidify it as the user’s own bow.

Weatherwatch: members of this guild are given a staff, which can serve as a walking staff, torch, and bo staff. They also are given a telescope that can magiqally zoom.

Gossmere: Members of this guild are given a Small drum, symbolic of the common drum, and a small branch, that when it is channeled into, will produce a hearth’s fire.

Flinterforge: Fliterforge members get a nice big Warhammer. The also get a magiqal multi-tool that can produce most any kind of small tool.

Balimora: Balimorans…get an axe of some kind. Along with a small pouch of seeds. Other things?

Thornmouth: Thorns get a magiqal tome, within which to inscribe their notes, studies, and magiqal findings. It always has open pages, and always has a pen to add to it. They also get a lantern that alights with light from the Mindflame. These both can serve as foci for magic as well.

Members of the guilds, I submit some of these to you, for your amusement and perusal. Feel free to add things to the list!

im just trying to think of things members of each guild would probably ahve by virtue of it being tied to the guild.