Guild Objects


Sorry for the kind of generic title, I wasn’t quite sure what to call it.

Anyways, a few nights ago, I started thinking up something a bit random, like what an object might look like if it was tailor-made for a guild. I started to think about like vials and stuff, and I ended up drawing a bunch of guild potions…

I’d like to know if you guys have ideas of what a particularly guild-like object would look like? Could be any kind of thing, like a sword or shield, a chest/container of sorts, heck even super mundane stuff like silverware or tea sets. And what would a Flinterforge bedroom look like in comparison to a Gossmere’s? Or an Ebenguard’s? I’d be interested to see what kind of concepts you guys come up with.


Woah I LOVE these, especially the Balimora one! For some reason, I think that a Balimora’s weapon of choice would be a bow and arrow, and i can imagine wearing a necklace with a ying and yang sign on that has some sort of spell cast, maybe a veil or protection?


I’m imaging the Gossmere sword as an elegant, curved saber with a decorative, but not too elaborate basket guard and some sort of tassel on the pommel.


I’m thinking Balimora to have twin blades to show the balance of life and death they keep, and it lets Ebenguard keep their bow :slight_smile:





I agree with augustus I think Goss would have a curved saber of some kind, maybe with love written into the handle and some kind of animal hilt because we shapeshift?


Now my question is, what do the potions do? :wink:


My first thought was an axe, something that can be used both in battle and in the woodlands for many purposes. A double headed axe could work, but it’s only really useful in battle. But there’s no reason a labrys wouldn’t make a good symbolic guild weapon.


I’m really digging Thorn’s potion Rev! Ugh that so cool!


I think flinterforge would make their own DIY weapons lol


Flinterforge would likely make all the guilds weapons!:smiley:


Agreed, I cant really see a band of Gossmere slaving over fire trying to make weapons.


~Whistles, slides draft sketches of custom art deco warhammer across the worktable~
(Actual sketches to come later because I have no appropriate paper at my workplace.)




My ideas for weapons (though bit of a newbie and don’t know guilds too well yet besides my own :smiley: ) I’m also not much of an artist, so they’re a little rough.


I imagine that a guild object for thornmouth would be some sort of old, gilded book with a tattered cover and an embossed title in another language. Or a lantern somewhat like this one.


I was thinking of two hidden daggers for thornmouth


Guys, I am living for these concepts! And @Nimueh I love your weapons drawings! :smiley:


Aforementioned warhammer, plus a bonus Flinterforge tea mug, and proof that I need to sharpen my colored pencils. :wink:


Everyone talking about Thornmouth having some sort of blades. Nah man. We don’t need any blades. We have the largest repository of magiq and magiqal artifacts under the moon. Thornmouths would fight with magiq and their smarts. We’re strong without the use of weapons.