Guild Haiku


Came up with this on my morning commute the other day; let’s try to distill the essence of each guild down to the three line, 5/7/5 syllable structure of haiku. It’ll start with Gossmere:

Joining hands, feeling
the pulse of life around us.
The Common Drum beats.


Standing here as one,
Yet still walking our own path,
From horizons on.




A guiding lantern.
Illuminating the Path
To find the unknown.


The hand of the wild.
Feel the humming of the earth,
And let it guide you.



@Augustus_Octavian @VictorianFlorist @Nomad @Kingsington Danggg. I’m impressed you all actually made one. And each was for a different guild, well played good people, well played.


Any Flinterforges or Weatherwatchers want to join in?



Don’t mind me while I
Make the universe afresh
Or paint it purple.



Through the stormy seas
And across great swaths of land
The Further Fire glows

I’m not a Weatherwatcher but I hate to leave something unfinished when it is so close to fruition. Though I would like to hear what a weatherwatcher themself would come up with.


Open our hearts to
all of those whom respect life,
as does each Gossmere.