Guild Familiars


Did we ever figure out all 6?


It doesn’t look like it, @OracleSage. There are of course the “guild totems(?)” which were discussed in the poem “The Minnying of Ojorad,” but other than that, there hasn’t been as much of a consensus for any of them. Some people thought of guild familiars as more personalized, so there were a couple of people who took on personalized familiars instead of guild-wide ones (More like patronuses from Harry Potter).
Thornmouth had some support for the mash-up of an owl and an octopus, and Balimora seemed to be almost unanimously the fox. Other than that, there weren’t familiars that were put forward that were discussed for the other guilds. You put forth a couple for Gossmere, but I don’t remember any for Flinterforge, and I know there were any put forth for Weatherwatch (except your suggestion of an Elk, which I’m still confused about). Perhaps we could revive this discussion in each guild hall and talk about it there, and then bring the results of those discussions back here when we’re done.


I agree; The concept of familiar always fascinated me!

I like Octopus for Thornmouth a lot, not the obvious choice but it makes sense!
A fox fits Balimora perfectly!


I’m going to stay on Team Owltupus for thirnmouth myself. But yeah octopus works too, I guess.


Long live the owltupus!! :owl: :octopus:


i’ve been really wondering and pondering what Ebenguard’s would probably be…


@Deyavi has made a few impassioned arguments for the Ebenguard sea wolf, and I have to admit, it sounds pretty cool. :wolf:


Sea wolves are pretty lit but… I’m loyal to the hippocampus idea
:disappointed_relieved: Sorry Dey :joy:


Porque no los dos? :woman_shrugging: Seems reasonable that the guilds could have multiple familiars, no?


If we’re talking personal familiars, I am definitely going to claim magi-mechanical magpie, however…if you’re looking for suggestions for all of the guilds, can I put forth sparrow-weavers as an option for Flinterforge? They build awesome nests that can last for hundreds of years, some of them complete with booby-traps to keep them safe from snakes. They also have cross-species apartment nests where the general consensus is “Any bird can live here as long as they don’t eat anyone.”


That totally seems fair! :slight_smile:


Reading through this thread from the beginning, I was reminded of the picture from the Fletcher Dawson site (I know there are only five constellation animals, but bear with me :tinfoilhat:).

In the picture we have two birds, a deer, a rabbit, and either a fox or a wolf.

In previous discussion on this thread:
If it’s a fox, Balimora; if it’s a wolf, Ebenguard.
Birds: Gossmere, Thornmouth, Ebenguard if the other’s a fox.
Deer: Weatherwatch? (OracleSage mentioned elk at one point), Balimora if the other’s a wolf (someone mentioned stags and nature).
Rabbit: in the poem, Flinterforge seems to be represented by the mouse, and a rabbit doesn’t seem too far off from a mouse to me.

Probably reading too far into nothing, but on the off chance it’s kind of something…?

There was also talk of Thornmouth being an octopus, and with their being left out of the code to get into the time-traveling email system, maybe it was supposed to be a super-obscure clue to that…:tinfoilhat:


i may be a dunce, but what is that a combo of?


A) Based on your work in the fragment I can confirm; Not a dunce
B)Owlpus? Owl and octopus:)


well thank you :smile:
but i was asking about the hippocampus


OH! Now im the dunce :sweat_smile:
Horse and a fish :slight_smile:


hahaha not at all, too many replies for you at once to keep track of! no biggie.


Balimora’s guild animal is the fox isnt it?


Yes, I believe that is the general consensus.


i split between one i wrote up and had fun with (which is probably just my personal set of familiars) and the idea between the Sea-wolf and the Hippocampus.

I Submit there would be 3 types.
the guild totem, being the one that the guild’s central image is tied to,
the guild familiar, like something that seems to be a general familiar throughout the guild, or something most have as a form of familiar, or its a familiar that is closely associated with the guild( Like direwolves with house Stark and lions with Lannisters)
and a personal set of familiars, cause you could have need of multiple.

Thus people are allowed their own sense of being part of a guild