Guild Familiars


Thank god for Thornmouths.
I can’t keep all this stuff straight!


I’d like to start a conversation about the Unowl.
I mean everyone knows what a cat, or toad, mouse or even Capricorn! But the Unowl is rather mysterious to me.


You’re right! It is an odd name really. Un-owl. Does that mean its a kind of owl, or an animal that looks like an owl but it isnt? Or maybe even just… not an owl? :thinking:


That’s a really fun thing to ponder. It was always the “un” part that piqued my curiosity. I think Bells has it right with the “not an owl,” like it’s just a shadow or a silhouette of an owl that should be there, but isn’t. Or maybe it’s simply the physical absence of an owl but an absence that could only be filled by an owl. If that makes sense.


I always see it as an Owl, a white barn owl, that sings and talks like a human? So I can get behind any crazy theories!


still need to get my own personal familiar done too.

but if we have a hippocampus, im down.


I like the hippocampus idea. Just think the are both land and sea literally standing in the middle. Perfect balance. Also if there was injustice on either land or sea we would be able to quickly get to the site of it. Also this picture also reminds me of the Golden Balance


I am so in with the idea of a hippocampus for Ebenguard.


For Balimora I find myself picturing creatures of the forest i.e. deer, cougar, fox, bear, etc. Something that represents nature and the wild.


When it comes to Guild totem/familiars, I think they are less physical and more unique than a species of an animal. Think the difference that is implied by the difference between upper and lower case letters. As Ebengaurd, our totem is Hippocampus.


I’ve always thought fox for Balimora myself.


'Cause we’re foxayyy!!!
I’ll see myself out.

Seriously, though, I see that.



I think foxes are the confirmed Balimora familiar… it just fits.


I like the idea of the cunning fox being a guild totem of sorts. However, my understanding of familiars is that they are a creature/soul that is bonded to a particular individual.
I would like to submit the boggart as my magimystical familiar. It’s basically a swamp seal. Cute but ugly, and with horrendous breath. A guide to all things marsh related.


For Thornmouth, I 100% agree with the octopus & owl mentioned above. Upon reading up on the guild again something else came into my head - while considering the symbolis of being a guiding light in the darkness I imagined an Albatross.
When I was younger I read Rime of the Ancient Mariner which told of a ship trapped in a storm. They crew see an albatross - which is a sea-bird with an astoundingly large wingspan - who could easily guide them to shore; hence the ‘light in the darkness’ vibe. (For anyone wondering, in the poem the Captain shoots the bird down and the crew perish… Can’t quite remember why).

It also merges the bird/ocean thing already going on…

It was just a though :slight_smile:


Foxes are my totem spirit so please make this canon


I (sadly) don’t have power over what is canon and what is not, but I think it has become kinda the consencsus of your guild that foxes are your guilds familiars!


I like how this is all going. And I also like foxes. Balimorians for foxes!


Can my mouse with girlish hair actually be a gerbil? They’re great quirky creatures who loves to build, destroy and rebuild and are fantastic with loo roll tubes.
I see the ability to create out of loo roll tubes as a key Flinterforge trait.
Hang on a minute - are Flinterforge the archetype for Blue Peter presenters?