Guild Familiars


Thanks for the nightmares you guys :joy: I appreciate it, really :joy:


it has the potential to be quite cute…

but then things like this happen


I didn’t know Owltopuses…owltopusii? were a thing for real! This is incredible and I’ve found my new spirit animal.


This is a beautiful beast, I want one lol


I like these interpretations of the animal. More majestic, less… ABSOLUTELY terrifying.

Its growing on me you guys. I think the owltopus is the set Thornmouth guild familiar… what the heck it would eat, or more so HOW it would eat things, I got no dang clue!


Thanks for the nightmares Thornmouth!


It’ll eat the mouse with the girlish hair…watch out Flinterforges…:smirk:


After this, you may have a lot of people going to the gosspound… I’m sorry I brought it back :joy:

Lol @LuthiTinu for an Ebenguard you sure like to stir things up, you sure you’re not a Balimorian? :wink:


Ebenguard still needs to figure out a thing.

@LuthiTinu, are we doing a hybrid? cause i suggest a bird and some other things hybrid.


THATS WHAT IM SAYIN…I feel stuck between Balimora and Ebenguard… stuck between the great chaos and golden balance… sigh. I’ve taken the guild quiz three or four times and gotten Ebenguard each time…but i feel stuck.

@grimangel53 I quite like the hippocampus as stated in the poem…a hybrid of a land and sea creature, putting it in the middle. I’m not sure if there’s much of a point in trying to set a guild familiar if they’ve already been somewhat established in the poem.


where is this poem? i would like to read it.




Post #65 in this thread.


GOSSPOUND can’t wait to have em. If anyone comes looking for me I’m by the Campfire with some yarn and a needle, I’ve already made everyone coco, you’ll find it in the kitchens.


the only issue i have with that is that it’s A.G.'s sign. like, itd be cool an all to have herman, but im not sure it would be right.


There’s always Capricorn, the sea goat

Or a mer-person, but honestly, I don’t think anyone would mind a hippocampus being someone’s familiar, as long as it wasn’t specifically Herman.


i thought the capricorn was weatherwatch,.

and there is also the ophiotaurus.

as for the hippocampus…im not sure i’d feel comfortable calling it unless A) ackerly green was an ebenguard himself and thus his symbol is ours, or b) word of God says its okay. ifo only because of what the hippocampus means to the world/


I think that the original familiars fit.
I embrace the Unowl of Gossmere


@Endri Hey, going by old familiars which is Thornmouth and Ebenguard?
I remember toad is Balimora, mouse is Flinterforge, Unowl of Gossmere and Capricorn of Weatherwatch
Im just blanking on the other two and cant find the info


Thornmouth is a Talking Cat and Ebenguard is a Hippocampus