Guild Familiars


I think the Thunderbird for Weatherwatch even though it’s from The wizarding world


Well no, its not, but either way, it might fit the profile of weatherwatch.


But we have no indication that mythical creatures exist yet. The page isn’t enough evidence for us to confidently claim that Hippocampi exist, meaning we can’t confidently claim that other creatures exist.

It’s our best bet to use real animals and their connection to the guilds. All animals, big and small, have power and meaning behind them


The Fraylily however is magical life. As is Obenhedge and Sirens Lace. The stories are true, in some sense of the word.


Actually @VictorianFlorist we do. There is a poem (The Minnying of Ojorad) that was instrumental in solving the third fragment that laid out the hybrid-animal totems of the guilds. The poem talks about the funeral of a former Mountaineer attended by the other members. They are represented as magical and hybrid creatures.
They are:
King Capra, Capricorn - Weatherwatch
Unowl - Gossmere
Talking (wise) Cat - Thornmouth
Mouse with Girlish Hair - Flinterforge
Julbous Toad - Balimora
Which of course leaves Ebenguard, the Hippocamus, whom the funeral was for.

Btw, when you said that Weatherwatch and Ebenguard were the most balanced of the guilds, very nice catch, both are represented by creatures that live both on land and in the sea.

Here’s a copy of the poem

The minnying of Ojorad
was held at Vidivinty’s glade,
a notion Good King Capra had
that proper reverence be paid
to one who fell on Baryn soil,
in diamond coat of blue and red.
The four who stood in mourning voiles
with deep respect their tributes said.

In vermulid tones the cat first spake
Through briaring fronge her tones did rake
from catafalque to ancient tree.
Said she, “Here Magister Woodland lies.
A brave sourl released from jewelled eyes,
bereft of home, his light soars free.”

The second, the Unowl
evinced a brillatent scowl
for she found not the words to mote.
So she unfurled her cowl
to charm fallen and fowl
with the weaves of an outstretched wing

From the third, a mouse with girlish hair,
as her mournful tears clad hallowed air
declaim’d the Plaint of Nhadastra.
“Lo, the stars shine less intently now
in the firmament of glory’s crown.
The lustre of our friend moves on.”

And finally, the julbous toad,
in his gown of winking woad,
sang a stark yet stirring ode
on the hauce his master rode
from the Crook of Ghyver’s Cross
to the Fallen Mokonode.

The Merest part a way of weather
when Watch elects the final frinning
Ebends unbound Mora’s tether
and Forged the Thorns in drubbin minn’ing

To mark the end of their lament,
King Capra rose o’er gathered sways.
“We’ll sing no more! Dance our assent
to morrows and our yester days!”


That just caused my mind to explode. Did I miss all of that backstory? The funeral is for a mountaineer? The animals are related to guilds?

It makes sense when you say it that way, but how did we come to that conclusion? I have no memory of us ever making any logical sense out of this poem other then it was a PITA.


Oh my, I didn’t even see that.


A couple of the other recruits and I sat down for a couple of hours and sussed it all out. It seemed to stick. I’d like to find the thread we posted, but I have absolutely no clue where it is :slight_smile:


There’s so much to sort through, I’d be surprised if you had. :slight_smile: Point is, magical creatures are absolutely part of this world.
Edit: Not to mention people living in paintings and RPGs, turning into mermaids, and making entire publishing houses disappear from existence.


Notice that Unowl, who I’m assuming is a Gossmere, is scowling at a funeral… I wonder what she’s like…


SO we have those set Totem Animals then we could have familars that are associated with the guilds.


That doesn’t mean individual members can’t choose their own personal totems. This is the first time the guilds have had more than one or two members at a time, and honestly, as much I like frogs, I do not personally identify with a toad, even if he can ride a horse.


Same. I’ve chosen a Finch for myself, perhaps a monarch.


Why not a hybrid, like a finch with monarch patterned wings, or a monarch with a bird-head (okay I just creeped myself out with that one)
Here’s a moth with owl eyes

And a hummingbird hawk moth


Totally going to have a Finch with monarch patter and my familiar, thanks for the idea!


How did we not see this?! (also, @grimangel53)


hybrids? we can do that


This is giving me bad flashbacks of the…
Owltopus :scream:


Hey don’t be so hard on the owltopus, he’s actually quite cute.


he gonna get you