Guild Familiars


I picture that for Balimora, our familiar would either be a stag or a bear both creatures that are very in tune with nature in my opinion.


I’ve got it! Gossmere should be a songbird! Or mabye those lovely little tawny birds that dance around in East coast parking lots… though I’m forgetting what they are called…


I think an Octopus works well for Thornmouth. I can see us having a tank in the lighthouse.


I want to visit this lighthouse! Where is it? You can have my room in the Gossmere compound if you’d like to visit for a weekend!


You’d have to ask one of the more senior members. I normally just follow the glow of the mindflame.


I don’t think anyone knows the location of the light house, it is pretty much a follow the glow kinda thing. I don’t know for sure though.


I know there’s a small fishing town nearby. I often see their boats out on clearer days.


Does a pack mentality really fit Ebenguard though? I see Ebenguard as more solitary. Just kind of upholding the Golden Balance of where they happen to be in the world at that moment.

“No matter who you choose to be, when the scales tip to the side of disorder and darkness, you are called to right it, a warrior for peace and truth and harmony.”

For the Ebenguard familiar, I like the idea of a crow, and maybe a vulture? Both creatures kind of drawn to death which sort of fits in with Grims convergence in my opinion.

Also the Thunderbird is supposed to be able to sense danger, which could also fit in with Grims convergence and truth and calling.


i kinda went with the idea that the familiar was something that lived along a shoreline. given it is the meridian and thus would be something like the golden balance, and a matched set of animals that function together, would also contain that balance.

my original idea was a seabird. of some kind. given that they ride the balance between land and sea.

warriors carry multiple symbols with them, from bears, wolves, and lions, to those of eagles, jaguars, and the like.
so the warrior point kinda just does things. They also work together, especially depending on which archetype the person follows.

I dont think a carrion eater would be good, though it matches with grim’s convergence,
but i could get behind a crow or a raven.

(i dont feel comfortable using thunderbirds without knowing more about the mythos of it, though it may be a good idea for a familiar.)

there is a reason why i suggested we have a guild familiar and a personal one. you have your own, as a spellcaster, and you have one that show’s your connection to the guild.

I made creatures for general use, if it doesnt involve them being used as familiars, cool. have at them!

not really bagging on anything, i’m just expressing my views.


The whole ecosystem would be out of whack without carrion eaters though…someone needs to clean up the mess and maintain the balance… like vultures very very rarely ever kill an animal, they only do if its on the verge of death (which makes them very grim reaper esque don’t you think?) SO that being said , in my opinion, they are the perfect maintainers of balance. They let the world flow, only intervening when necessary and to clean up messes.

Though I can see your point in the harmony of the pack resonating with the golden balance…it doesn’t seem right to me. The pack functions and maintains balance within the pack.

I also agree with personal and guild familiars, but the guild familiar should not just be assigned by one person. Even though its hard to actually chat with the guild as a whole, I believe as many people as possible should agree.

I just really can’t stress how wrong a pack mentality for Ebenguard feels to me.

I also don’t mean to bash on you or your ideas, and if i did so in any way i sincerely apologize, i’m just expressing my opinions on the matter.


I stand with Finches being the Gossmere Familiars.
Friendly, they fly in groups, and their even Gossmere colors!


To preface,
I dont like the idea of Vultures. Thematically, im okay with carrion eaters, but we arent grim reapers. Personally, while the creatures have their good qualities, I dont think Vultures go well with our guild symbolically.

The beasties i made are now off table for guild familiar, completely. they’re now just extra beasties that can be used in teh more magiq portions of the story.

If I’m reading this right, we have carrion eaters as a suggestion, personally id like to see a flying animal, and no pack animals, as per your thoughts of how it feels wrong.
My initial idea was a kind of sea bird. maybe a Skua or something of the sort.

I would like to take your thoughts into account and come to reach a consensus. Please, continue here, or through PMs, and we’ll figure it out eventually.

You’re fine on the ideas, the guilds are meant to be a consensus, especially since we’re working together.


So just to have it written somewhere

Balimora- Fox
Thornmouth- It seems the general consensus is Octopus
Weatherwatch- Haven’t heard much talk of this but elk seems to fit it to me.
Flinterforge- Mouse wasn’t it?
Ebenguard- Sea bird?
Gossmere- Butterfly or Finch


I saw the mention of guild specific threads somewheres else, so once that gets going we can make a poll with options for each guild


Thematically i’m not okay with carrion eaters. I thought the issue you had with the vulture was because it eats carrion, so i was trying to explain why i thought the vulture would be good even though it eats carrion. The vulture is the only carrion eater i’m okay with because it really is so peaceful by nature and exists to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. ( but if it doesn’t feel right to you then nevermind:P)I don’t feel like Ebenguards are really…scrap pickers…but i’m not sure if we’re meant to actively shape events to maintain the golden balance or to let the world happen as it may and clean up the messes to maintain balance. In that way i guess a carrion eater would make sense, it depends on what you think though.

Other carrion eating birds include hawks and eagles i believe. (and probably more)

I also believe seabirds would be a good option for sure, because of “you are the shore between land and sea, the horizon between night and day.

However i forgot about the horizon between night and day thing ;o The only things that comes to my mind with that though is a rooster…and MEH.

I’ll look into a bunch of different seabirds though!


I found the Skua family, the Petrel family, and one or two others to be good.
I originally like=d the idea of an osprey as well.


I like the idea of an osprey, check out surf scoters and cormorants(i like the double crested cormorant) as well.


im with Ospreys, Cormorants, and skuas,

Sea ducks are awesome, but i figure we have something of a more…combat capable bird.

(I also just really like raptors.)


xD i just thought the duck was really pretty um. im with ospreys or cormorants, skuas look too seagullish for me. so let’s research those two ^~^


alrighty then. let us wander.