Guild Familiars


i’ll work on it Itsuki. Along with a spell soup recipe.


For Thournmouth i believe An Owl, They seem so very wise


A bird makes sense for Thornmouth. However I really feel an ocean creature for them, swimming in the ancient deep seas of knowledge.


…like an octopus :smirk:


Like an octopus! :grinning:
Great idea Bella!


Haha I said that like a month ago :laughing: But yea, I have always thought an octopus is a good match for Thornmouth, and I thought an owl was a little too obvious!


Gossmere Familiars
I had some thoughts on what my guilds familiar could be and here we go

Butterfly: like Gossmere they are loose tribes but in the end their wings beat to the same tune.

Dolphins : Known for helping drowning sailors

Any other ideas?


Oh! Dolphins are a great idea I think! Also because their sounds can travel great distances throught the ocean.


Exactly! What did the older Gossmere have as a familiar @Eaves


You know, I first pictured the Ebenguard familiar as a wolf, but I do like the bird idea too. Perhaps a bird that takes on some aspects of wolves? Living in packs, feathers of similar colours to a wolf’s fur, and I don’t think they would migrate, I honestly can’t imagine the Ebenguard familiar migrating.


I see Ebenguard with a bird as well, though the type of bird I’m really not sure. Terns seem the most Ebenguard to me. A soft grey with a shock of black, very mysterious and I believe they live in groups by the ocean.


Crows, Magpies, Rooks and Ravens are all examples of birds that I feel can be argued to be solid choices of Familiar. For me, the symbolism of the Crow (or any bird of the Corvus genus), a bird of historical infamy and legend, often associated with magic, myth and folklore; not to mention a highly intelligent and fascinating creature. I struggled to find one set familiar for each guild; perhaps the choice of familiar is personal to each person (as some people change guild each time they take the test) and so then the choice of familiar is more mystical as the creature will resonate with the type of person you are, and how magical you may or may not be.


I agree. While I think each guild may have a set familiar, I myself may have a diffrent one, as I get diffrent results frequently, so the Gossmere familiar may not suite me, even though I consider it my guild.


I see it as being a little of both. our own personal one, and a familiar for the Guild. How the Guild as a whole is, and how you are in reference to the guild?


I could see a bird/pack animal hybrid. I just see birds as our guild one becuase of the idea of being the middle course, the barrier between land, sea, and sky. we are the meridian, the balance, the protectors of those one that could feasibly travel in all three would work.



I’m rebooting this thread a bit.
I have a concept for a Guild Familiar
and a personal one.

Guild Familiar:
A Cross between a Golden Eagle and a Timberwolf
and a cross between a direwolf and the golden eagle as well.

It works with the mind and pack mentality of a Timberwolf, Looks like a Golden Eagle, and lives along the shores in the north. Ventures around the forests, and out in the sea, it’s nests are made on the cliffs.
I call it the Meridian Eagle

Meridian Eagle:
It’s extremely loyal to its pack and its “master” though a better term would be partner, The Eagle is a fighter, and is known to take on opponents that are bigger than itself. These Eagles can be seen with packs of Grymm Wolves, pairing up, pack to pack, to work together and scout ahead for the larger predators. The two species of animal evolved closely together and seem to have an almost telepathic connection.
They are primarily carnivorous, and hunt with their chosen packs. They two species also appear to have, at the very least, slight magical qualities.

Personal one coming soon, as well as a small write up on the Grymm Wolves.

thank you!


So much creativity! I’m loving the wolf/bird mix, and I would never have thought of it but a dire wolf does sound EXTREMELY Ebenguard!


I don’t have the resources available to me at the moment so I’ll cover this in detail if need be tomorrow.

So in regards to a familiar that seems to fit to the Thornmouth description and the way I interpreted it. I feel a pseudodragon using the lore of The Forgotten Realms (Dungeons & Dragons standard world). However, the personality of the basic pseudodragon doesn’t work entirely, so molding it with the personality of a Gold Dragon (if my memory serves me correctly) would give it a greater desire for knowledge.

Tomorrow I’ll get a couple links for reference so I don’t send you all searching for information. It’s just if I didn’t post now it would slip my mind on the morrow.


So for starters here is a couple links for reference on what I’m talking about:
Pseudo-dragons -
Dragon Colour vs Meaning-

So to start, a pseudo dragon is particular to quiet and secluded places, which from my interpretation of the Thornmouth isn’t too far off from us (also it is a personal preference of mine). I also believe that Thornmouths don’t shy away from conflict: however, we’re not searching for it either, which is a decent mindset to have if in the pursuit of knowledge. Both of these traits fit well with the learning aspect of a Thornmouth.
Also, pseudodragons use a limited form of telepathy to communicate through the use of emotions. This part of the comparison is where it may get iffy. I personally believe, since Thornmouths seem to be the straight edged logical types (from my interpretation), that we have a strong reign on our emotions making it a safe way to communicate in a non-verbal manner. Being able to control emotions would create a way that communication is possible in order to create a logical conversation through which emotions are willingly flared and stifled. Someone with strong emotions and little control over them wouldn’t be able to properly communicate meaningfully because it would be near impossible to get the message through.
Also given I’m about to make the connection to Ebberon based dragons, this would give our little guy the ability to use small amounts of fire. Lighting candles and lanterns and such for proper lighting while reading. Nothing beats natural light when it comes to enjoying any form of written work.
Onto colour and personality. This is where it starts to depend on your individual personalities. My ideal dragon using the Ebberon set up would be to have a White and Copper dragon which signifies curiosity and transparency. Others may chose a variety of combinations or solo colours, but those two are what fit best with my idea of Thornmouth.

So in all fairness these guys would be perfect for when you want to hole yourself up in a library or a study. They can fetch books and do basics such as replacing candles and lighting them. Yes they may be a slight fire hazard but through the communication of a strong enough love for books and literature you would be able to make them realize that exercising caution around burnable things is a must. No to mention these are the classic sorcerer familiars, friends to the knowledge seeker and recluse!

I’m sure once I find some free time, I might be able to write/find a poem in regards to them.

Cheers though, I am at work, I’ll be back in a few hours :beers:


Thank you!

Grymm Wolves are much like Meridian Eagles, With the pack mentality, and living along coastlines and in the forests.
They’ve been known for appearing whenever a Storm is coming, and lead packs of smaller wolves. A full pack of Grymm Wolves may look something like a pack of large bears moving across a wilderness, due to their size. They are proud, much like their Eagle compatriots, and have a slightly sharpened sense of sight. Due to the nature of the two species’ connection, the eagles are granted slightly better hearing, and the wolves gain slightly better sight. Each Pack pairs with a Flight of Eagles, to serve as eyes and ears for a pack moving forward.

Though they prefer coastal regions, they will also move inland should the need be presented. They will often hunt and scout out into forests on their territory, as they keep track of it very well. Should you need to enter the territory of Grymm Wolves, bring something you can offer the Alphas of both the Flight and the Pack. They are accepting of gifts and respect travelers who offer the proper pleasantries.

Personal soon.