Guild Familiars


For our first creative Campfire exploration in Guilds, I thought we could play with some of their tools and trappings. We can dig into how we see the Guild we belong to or even those we don’t. Let’s start by creating work (stories, poems, music, videos, sketches, artwork, literally anything you like) based on this:

Explore the magical creatures and familiars that you believe are associated with the Guilds.


I spend a lot of time working, but when I’m not doing that or following my fellow Mountaineers I write music.

I’m Balimora through and through. I love the emergence of patterns in things, so when I thought about this prompt I thought musically. I wanted to share a piece with you that I’ve called The Familiar. When I made it, and when I hear it, I can see a dancing fox tripping lightly through the midnight forrest glade. Here it is.


What an amazing song, Itsuki! I made a little ‘cover’ art for the song based on what you described. I’m a bit rusty with good old Photoshop, but I thought I’d give it a go. I am also a Balimora and could definitely see the fox as a familiar for the Guild. I can’t wait to see what else people come up with.

I should maybe also source my pictures - fox from here and background from here


This is great @Kelsey - I love it.


What beautiful music! I love it! I am also Balimora and could certainly see, in my minds eye and Balimora soul a fox! Thank you!


Awesome artwork! It really ‘feels’ like the song. Thank you.


I think Monarch Butterfly for Gossmere.
Light and breezy, the see the world together as they migrate to Mexico…
It just fits.


A story about migration of the monarchs would be great. Fancy giving it a go?


I could see Some kind of bird as the familiar of Ebenguard, or maybe a wolf. im not sure though,


For some reason I can really see some type of sea bird. Like a Seagull or something.

“On the shores of day and night.”


that will do. just some sort of bird really.


im currently between the Gull, the Storm Petrel, and the Skua


You could even create a brand new bird of your own. Who knows what kind of sea birds the other world has?


fair enough. something that functions between a gull and a hawk or an osprey.


Honestly I’ve been correlating an octopus with Thornmouth for a while now. I feel like an owl is like the really obvious one, but to me an octopus just fits. They are very intelligent animals and very complex, but I dunno, maybe not!


One word : Owltopus…

…okay I just gave myself nightmares… forget I said anything.


I’m all for mythical creatures and magical animals but an Owltopus would be a freak of nature :fearful:


it’s just a cthulu loooking beast. its fine! chtulu f’thagn!


I can see that @TheBellsAreRinging


I love the idea of creating your own creature - a new bird would be awesome. Maybe tell a story about the origin or the bird?