Guild Coats!

Ever since the GoN (Ghosts of Neithernor) and the descriptions of each guild having their own almost “house robes”, I’ve been thinking about what a modern day version of these would look like, and if I could make one.

So, I maaaaaaay have been to a recent stock sale from a local haberdashery, and I might have bought a load of fabric and other bits with the intention of finally making my own guild coat. I have the pattern on order and some last bits and pieces to pick up, but otherwise I’m going use this as my project once I’m done with Uni work. You guys can join me in this thread discussing ideas for your own coats, any sewing tips you might have, or even join me in my endevour and make your own!

Here’s the pattern I’ll be using (with some slight adjustments):



For those of you that haven’t read the from GoN descriptions, or that want a reminder, here they are.

Thornmouth :thornmouth::

They all wear jackets which are beautifully dyed in swirling variations of the Thornmouth guild colors. Some edges of the jackets are frayed, as if they were idly worried while their wearers got lost in an old book. Small magnifying glasses hang from lapels. Other jacket pockets are stuffed with pens and scraps of paper for scribbling a note or documenting a stray thought. All have a small phial hanging from a chain, a warm light inside; a flicker of the Mindflame.

Weatherwatch :weatherwatch::

Their long jackets are shades of ochres, umber, crimson, and made from fine, but proudly-aged leather. The jackets whip in the wind off the sea. Maps peek out from their pockets, some of the ghosts even have sections of unfinished maps etched onto the fabric of their clothes.

Ebenguard :ebenguard::

The tails of their indigo jackets catch in the seawind as the ebbing colors of dusk play along their wool-trimmed edges. Their jackets are set with ordered pockets and loops of varying sizes and placements. Some to hold a bow across one’s back. Others to carry rows of worn tools for carving stone, or painting, or scrying. They each wear a small set of scales around a chain, scales that tip and move of their own accord, measuring some unseen balance.

Balimora :balimora::

Part cloak, part waistcoat, their hooded jackets are covered in what look like spatters of inky black at the bottom, and deep green on the body and shoulders, with a sort of sheen that catches the light every now and then. On further inspection, though, it is more like a watercolor of a deep forest path, where an emerald canopy is every now and then pierced by brilliant, shimmering white light, illuminating the verdant soil below. It is like a wearable mirror, obscuring them and reflecting, not what is around the wearer, but where they would rather be, the true home of the Balimorans–somewhere in the ever-wavering light and dark of nature. They are here, and yet they are not. When visible, their pockets are overfull of scrolls and strange blossoms, or gnarled twigs, kept for unknown purposes. Attached to their coat are gloves, which they use to feel soil, cast charms, or test the energy and direction of the wind, attuned with all the sensitivity of the wearers. The different parts of the coat are connected in a rough patchwork manner, composed of multitudinous substances, and yet, the chaos somehow contains a secret harmony.

Flinterforge :flinterforge::

They already wear impressive jackets, embossed with the Flinterforge logo, fit for a great cause, but as they fade into existence, they are already putting on workman’s smocks and gloves.

Some wear long jackets, while others are short-cropped at the waist, with pockets and vented panels that can be expanded to an enormous volume. Some are colored, and some are made of plain canvas, while others are covered with notes of unfinished calculations, waiting to be brought to fruition. Every once in a while, a ghost will be seen to wave their hand over these scrawlings, wiping them clean in an instant. One Flinterforge grabs the hem of their long coat, twisting it and attaching it to their shoulders in one seamless motion, turning the cloak into a waist-length jacket, with a deep hood used to block out all distractions. Another Flinterforge emerges from a nap inside a one-person tent, only to pinch the edge of the tent, shaking it for a moment, and watching it as it contracts into a jacket. They seem to become whatever is needed at the moment. Flinterforge are proud of their jackets, every one a singular and personal creation made to satisfy their interests and endeavors.

Gossmere :gossmere::

The Gossmere jackets are pale–some are knitted from yarn, while others are long and light, made of cotton. They come in many shades, from yellows and creams, to off-whites and tans. But none are plain. All have been colored by strenuous labor. Their edges are stained with bright tinctures and petal dust, with hearth smoke and multicolored ink. Their coats are comfortable, inviting, simple, but the smears and stains serve as reminders of healing bedside visits or wild and raucous nights around a drumfire. Buttons made of brilliant and multi-faceted metallic stars hum and resonate, especially at their hearts, and an errant thread or strand of yarn can be pulled clean and used to bind a wound, divine a hidden herb, or even string an instrument. Their jackets may not be as utilitarian as the other guilds, but they are beautiful, and when seen by others, they seem to conjure senses of warmth, healing, and union.


Oooo thanks for collecting the descriptions! I definitely want to start mine…but I’m still looking for a good pattern. Cant wait to see how yours comes out!


Oooh, this is the perfect excuse to start on mine too! I have a cardigan I want to upcycle with some gossey flair :heart_eyes:
I can’t wait to see how yours comes out, Nim!


YES NIM. Im joining you on this, just as soon as i can get material. I can make a gossmere coat, but i dont really think im a sun guild. Sorry oracle xP



Ahhhhh this looks like so much fun! I low key want to embroider the Ebenguard crest on a handkerchief or something, since I don’t have the materials on hand for a coat. That pattern though is absolutely fantastic!


I do tailoring. If you want me to make you a bandanna or something for you to sew the crest on, toss me your address and ill ship one out.


I appreciate the offer, but I’m not quite adept enough yet to be comfortable embroidering on a good piece, you know? Better to stick to scraps for now :blush:


If you ever need help with your embroidery just let me know :slight_smile: I’ve been doing it for 8 years now and love to teach others.


I want to design my Forge coat so much right now!


How am I only seeing this thread now? (I mean yes, I’m always playing catch-up but this is amazing) I already have the Skyjacket who I love with all my heart! (Will post pics soon for others to see)


Ooo this is a really good idea.Going through a rough time finacailly atm but really want to make a thornmouth jacket.
now that i think about it…what are thornmouth’s colors?


Ok, this sounds amazing and, based on the description, I’d totally wear the Ebbie coat. I’ll have a few things to figure out :slight_smile:


How odd would it be to combine two coats for polyguild?


And what about guild coats for people like @Revenir in the house of the unnamed? (Those who don’t align or chose to be with any guild)


Probably not as bad as you think. For example, you could use a two tone fabirc (like the blue you see in my fabric pics above, which is actually green), or maybe make it reversable? You could trim in the guild colours of the guild that isn’t your main guild, or even do a straight cut down the middle and have one side for one guild one side for the other.

I think anyone who doesn’t wish to be in any guild should have a coat that represents them, rather than a guild. Maybe they are monochrome at base, but then embrodered with thread that changes to match the person’s personality, almost like a physical aura. It could show favourite things from the wearer’s past, or intericate patterns that seem to swirl as you look at them.


I totally agree!, @Nimueh! I think one could also combine fabrics or designs that are associated with specific guilds. For instance, I don’t like leather that is supposed to be what the guild jackets for Weatherwatch are made of. I do like the fabrics of my secondary guild, Gossmere. So even though I might keep the colors mostly Weatherwatch themed, the base of my jacket would also be Gossmere!


Unaligned coats are like :man_dancing:

Just kidding :deirdrexd:

I imagine it’s kind of a neutral colored coat, something like a blank slate. Not necessarily white, but it could be. But it’s unadorned. And the coat basically either shifts to the guild that person aligns with, if that happens, or they change based on the temperament of the wearer (maybe both?). The more time that passes, the more it changes.


Thanks for the validation! Weatherwatch/Thorn coat here I come :eyes:

:thornmouth: :weatherwatch:


OKay, project update no.1:

Pattern arrived today, and I’ve cut out the pieces to relevent size. Set them out on the fabric just loosely to make sure I had enough for what I was planing, and guess what? Turns out I have waaaaaaaaay too much fabric. I bought the green plaid thinking I might have to maybe use it for a part of the hood, and the blue/green for a sleeve. In the end, there’s so much of the blue/green I’ve decided not only to use it as lining for the whole coat, but also as a contrast to line the hood (which should be done using the main outer fabric). I now have all the brown I’d actually had measured out spare! I’m now trying to think of ways I can use what’s left of the fabric too, but tbh that should wait until I’m done. Hopefully next update will be that I’ve cut everything out.