Gossmere Guild Hall - "Rhythm's Hearth"

I was really excited by what @OracleSage wrote so far and by what @Deyavi is doing for Ebenguard’s hall so I thought I’d make our own thread here!


I think “Breezehome” would be a cool name, honoring our element - aether (“The air the gods breathe”)


OOOh I like that! I think the slang will always be Gosspound but a more formal name is a brilliant idea!


You kids and your slang terms.


Keeps us from sounding stuffy :wink:

Maybe something based around the common drum, Im not apposed to Breezehome, but it never hurts to brainstorm a little.


What about “Rhythm’s Hearth”?


OOooh I like that!


The Infirmary on the ground floor is one of the wonders of Rhythm’s Hearth; a true mixture of old and new, magiqal and mundane. Sick beds line the walls, separated by thick cream-colored cotton curtains. The gurneys are surprisingly comfortable, as well, but lined with the same germ-deterrent vinyl as in a standard hospital or emergency ward.

Jars of herbs and poultices stand side by side with plastic canisters of antibiotics and other modern medicines. Wands, spellbooks and staves lay side by side with EKG machines, anatomic models/diagrams, reflex hammers and sterile surgical equipment. This is the part of the guild hall where Augustus spends most of his time, tending to the sick and wounded from any guild or any walk of life stumble through Rhythm’s Heart’s gates. The floor of the infirmary is a giant mosaic of a lotus flower in muted gold, pink and light green tones. The whole hall smells faintly of rosemary, sage and antiseptics.

The infirmary hides the entrance to Rhythm’s Hearth’s greatest secret: A spiral staircase hidden there goes deep down beneath the stone the building sits upon. Deep in the earth is a grotto holding a sacred spring. The blessed waters from this spring have physical and spiritual healing properties, but replenish very slowly. The waters are only used for the most dire of circumstances. Everything else is managed by the skill of the Gossmere healers above.


Surrounding the main building of Rhythm’s Heart proper are the grounds. A meandering stream winds it’s way down from nearby hills, though orchards of fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes. It passes underneath the wall surrounding Rhythm’s Hearth, but does not enter the main courtyard of the building. A small footbridge crosses over it, providing access to a botanical garden of medicinal plants that supplies the infirmary with much of the components used in Therapeutics magiqs. It passes back out of the immediate grounds where it meets with a larger river before draining into the sea close by to the shore near Warrior’s Rest and the Ebenguard.

The sun-dappled orchards are abundant, with different trees producing their harvests at different times of the year. While some of the harvest is used in Rhythm’s Hearth’s kitchens, much is free for the picking and all are encouraged to come and eat their fill. Most suspect some type of magiq involved with the amount of produce grown in permaculture, with little tending on the part of the Gossmerim nearby. Even as far away as the orchards, soft music can often be heard drifting out from Rhythm’s Hearth.


Question, the entire compound, including the grounds, is surrounded by the wall, with the wrought-iron unowl gates. Correct?

Also. Are the herb gardens outdoor or greenhouse?

Need this for WIP story.


No, I always imagined that the gates were more like this:

Leading into the building, while the orchards surrounded it.


The walled grounds of the Rhythm’s Hearth compound contain many outbuildings styled to resemble the two-story main building housing the central courtyard, infirmary, practice rooms, recital hall, and dormitories/suites for the guild members. Some of the outbuildings include potting sheds, detached practice rooms for louder instruments (or conversely for a quiet space if there is boisterous music in the main building being played).

There’s one more peculiar smaller outbuilding, located in the botanical garden, up against the outer compound wall. A narrow ramp leads up to a window, and chickens from all manner of breeds can be seen roaming the garden area. Ducks can be found paddling through the stream that bisects that part of the walled compound, paddling beneath the foot bridge connecting the main building to the botanical garden. The chickens and the ducks share the coop outbuilding, which is adorned with a copper rooster weather vane. The younger members of the guild collect eggs daily for use in the compound kitchens, and given the variety of breeds, the eggs are a rainbow of pastel hues. Between the chickens, the orchards and some vegetables grown in the gardens, the compound is largely self-sufficient in terms of food, and three healthy square meals a day are offered to anyone staying in the infirmary. Meals tend towards vegetarianism, although there are not strict dietary rules guild members must adhere to specifically.


I have a story of how I came to find and experience Rhythm’s Hearth.


For a time after I had been a guild member to the Ebenguards, I was on a trip into the city, to retrieve a small artefact for Ebenrest. While there, I felt the thrum of the city, the magiq in the power grids and art plastered on the sides of walls. I walked through the city, block after block, looking for the artefact I sought. I had a rough description of it, and a last known location. I started there and kept moving, with the thrum of the city settling unto my shoulders like a livewire of energy. Then I heard a noise. A soft drumming. Boom. Boom. Boom.

As time went on, I continued my search, all the while hearing that soft drumming. The day went on, and as the day became the night, I looked to go back to Ebenrest thinking I would rest and start again in the morning. I found an unlocked door, knocked to Sentinel’s Rest, and went to open the door, but found it locked. I stepped back, and tried to knock to The Ascension. No response. I reset the knocks with a random order, and tried once more, again receiving no response. I walked away, looking to find a place to stay, when I heard that drumming again. This time, it sounded like it was coming from a direction. So I followed where it led, my heart keeping pace with the bass of the drum. Boom. Boom. Boom.

The drumming led me to a couple of places. I found a coin which held some measure of magiq, a small crystal strung on some leather string, and a small deck of cards. Eventually the drumming led me to a door, growing louder in my mind and ears with each step toward it. I reached out and opened the door to find myself in a place I didn’t completely recognize, but instantly felt at home in. I walked forward, the drumming seemingly pulling me toward the central courtyard. The courtyard had some people milling around it, and a large central fireplace. The tiles in front of the fireplace proclaimed that this place was called Rhythm’s Hearth, and all were welcome within its walls.

I walked up to the fireplace, staring into the fire contained within, and took a seat. The drums reverberated throughout my being, and I felt truly at peace. I stayed that way for a while, and slowly realized someone had come up to me. I looked up and smiled. The young looking man just wore a bemused expression and said “First time at the Hearth huh?” I chuckled and answered that it was. “What brings you here?” He said as he sat down next to me. “I don’t know. A soft, silent drumming? I was looking for something before, but was led here after a while.” “Must have been the drum.” “The drum?” I said, slightly bewildered. “Yeah, the Drum. It has a way of bringing us new members through resonance with the person. Though it looks like you may already be of the Guilds” He said, noticing the pendant around my neck and the bow. “I’m an Ebenguard, and an honorary Weatherwatch. It’s a long story.” He chuckled and said, “I’ve got time. The Name’s Timothy by the way, but you can call me Mezzo, like the music notation.”

So I began my story, and by the time it was done, a couple hours had passed. Mezzo stood up and said, “Okay, we are going to help you find this artefact, but first Breakfast!” He pulled me to my feet and dragged me to the dining area. Other members of the guild were milling about, helping pass out plates, cooking hot food, and sitting down to eat. A young man with white hair and a gossmere tattoo on his forearm handed me an omelet and welcomed me to the family. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, but I ended up at a table with a few other guild members and just enjoyed my time. This shared experience was going to be cemented in my mind forever.

Mezzo asked around to see what we could do about my mission, and found some volunteers. I, however, wanted to help them as well. I asked what I could do, and they directed me to the infirmary. I was shown how to heal with magiq, though I knew some of how to do it myself. So when a couple members from Weatherwatch and Ebenguard came in, I was first sent to help heal them. The Ebenguards were new, and had just gone on their first travels. I talked with the Weatherwatchers, who had fallen off the balloon while repairing it. I helped for the day, healing others and conversing with others. Later that day, Mezzo took me to a room with the others who volunteered to help on my locating the object. He had us sit, and proceeded to link me into a session of Communal magiq. It was a lovely experience. I proceeded to use some sand and stones to scry where the object I sought was, and through the amplified power of the Common Drum and of a community of magiqans, was able to locate it. I noted where it was, and thanked the volunteers.

As I went to leave, Mezzo saw me off, and told me of the knock to get back to Rhythm’s Hearth. The young man who had served me earlier also came and pressed a couple scarves into my hands, with a promise that I’d deliver one to someone who needed it. The second one was for me, as a gift and as marking being, at least in part, a member of Gossmere. I thanked them both, and proceeded to go on my way. The first scarf was given to a young kid who looked like he was living on the street and needed it. I found the artefact, a Chalice as it turned out to be, and returned to Sentinel’s Rest, warmed by the whole experience.