Freelance Writing?

I noticed scouring the forums that a number of you are freelance writers. I had never really considered writing professionally until recently (thanks to my Mum, suggesting I have some latent talent).

I’m currently doing some soul searching right now but this Wizard needs to make some coin! In the past two weeks the most consistent thing I’ve done is write so I’m considering giving it a go.

I just found this site that has somewhat mixed reviews called Writers Work. Anyone heard of it? By the looks of their marketing it seems supportive for someone just starting in the field.

Any tips suggested are greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: I’m not fishing for professional secrets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First time I ever hear about this website but I’d recommend you to start your work as a freelance copywriter or to pick up translations if you feel strong enough (most employers test your skills before signing a contract). I had my fair share of working for different agencies and usually you can make some money for living.

It’s tedious sometimes and tough but it contributes to your writing skills immensely as you need to learn how to be concise in your message and weigh it appropriately.


I agree — find as many agencies and opportunities as you can. Is there maybe another job you can do that’d support you in this? I used to manage a bunch of authors for a corporate blog, and many of them did their writing while temping, childcare when the kids are napping. That way they could build up their writing portfolio and do a bit of double dipping in terms of paid time.

Do you have any special knowledge as well? @Drus is right that translating is really good work (and often pays a bit better than regular copywriting) but specialised knowledge in anything will also put you in a good place. Medical writing is an extreme example, but business/sports/etc. is useful to set yourself up a little niche.


I have actually been on that site. I’m someone who enjoys the fiction aspect to writing. So all I ever want to write about, read about, and be about is Fiction. They don’t have that, as far as I could tell. If you are into doing articles, and serious based items, it will most likely be the site for you. Good luck in your journey!!


Hello! I know this is thread necromancy, but I’m replying just in case someone might want the info.

I work as a freelance writer, and have done it in a few contexts. I’ve seen people write tailor-made fanfiction for people. But, I have experience with ghostwriting blog posts and settings/adventures for tabletop.

In all cases, the best thing you can do is collect examples of your work. Make a tumblr or a webpage and start collecting different types of work there.