@AG_Catherine and I are so pumped!
The Monarch Papers: Flora & Fauna is #45 in Epistolary on Amazon, right next to Frankenstein!
We were #38 on release day so it’s so exciting to find it almost back to first day numbers.
Just wanted to share in our excitement. :cjheart:


Still squealing!! So official!!!


Awesome news! Did you know that this year, Frankenstein is 200 years old?


The double entendre of the title is beautiful :cjheart: Congrats, @CJB! It’s so exciting to see TMP on Amazon, even though it’s been months since it came out!


Well done @CJB and @AG_Catherine! First #45 then you’ll take #1!


Ahhhhhh! Two of my favorite books, chillin’ right next door. :sunglasses: