Fragment 14 Communications with the Past


Post any messages; text, picture, or voice sent to Augie or the '94 Mounties here. This is to have an archive of all communication through the Fletcher Dawson site with the past.


@cheyyyme Thank you so much. No one should have to do what I had to do.


I’m a bit tired at the moment and don’t quite have it in me to format these nicely, but I’ll do so later. But here are links to the Mountie Messages:

And Augie messages:

Ok no time to do the fragment 14 responses right now, but I will go back and add them later if no one else gets the chance.


Omg this is brilliant! Well done!




So I didn’t add the message we sent today (August 10), but here are the links to the messages and replies we’ve gotten since Fragment 13 ended. I hope this helps @Revenir’s work load a bit.

Mountie Messages leading up to Fragment 14:

Replies leading up to Fragment 14:


Thanks so much Remus! :grin:


My lord, you two have been busy…


Ehh, mine only took about 10 minutes, since mine were only in one thread. Rev’s was much harder, since both of the threads that Rev was reading through were almost 900 posts each.


I don’t know if this has been posted but here is @Nimueh’s
Google Doc:

I will make it look better when I can get on a computer


But still, you took the time to put it together.


Oh man, Nim’s an absolute life saver with those transcripts. Really appreciate that. :heart_eyes:

To make things more convenient, I added a page to the wiki: here. I still need to format it and add the latest messages, but I figure that can be an easy to access hub for messages.


Glad to be of some use! Been away for a bit, but just tryign to get my head around these developments. Damn, we’re sending audio now? Well, I’ve got perfessional audio software at my dispossal if we need it (perks of being a music student), but with these time changes I may be out of the picture here. 5am is not a fun time lol


Can we get the latest communications linked here? @Remus you are usually up to speed.


They’re already linked to the post here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Revi, you’re a super hero.


Aw, just trying to do my part. :heart: I’m still working on formatting the wiki page, but it should be up to speed tonight-ish? It has the text of the posts, and a gallery of images if you want to read Augie/Knatz’s posts as they were on the Fletcher Dawson website.


Wiki page is updated. :slightly_smiling_face: I put the messages in collapsible boxes so it’ll be a little easier to navigate (on desktop at least). Everything’s there - the text replies, the screenshots, and the audio files.


Just letting everyone know that both the wiki page and the thread links are updated. :grin: