Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


Why don’t we send that spell today by the way. It might help a bit.


When I searched them as coordinates, it came up with several Atlas Obscura pages for an area in NYC where there’s a glass sidewalk over some of the oldest buildings in the city. It’s called The Portal down to Old New York.


That seems far more likely.


I think you’ve got something.

Maybe time to contact DG and give her a new spot to visit?


@Endri Should we split this off into a new thread? “Fragment 14 speculation” maybe?


I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably a good idea.


I was thinking so too. Just put a comment on the 18 about it.


Anyone told Deirdre about the possible location yet? If not, I’ll fo add a comment.


I think Ashburn did.

Also, to all. I created a Fragment 14 thread.


I did a couple hours ago, just awaiting moderation on it.


Sorry for not responding to this:

Sooner. Still reeling from everything that happened.
I guess this could have been the catalyzing moment for Ascender’s plan to “go public.” But we never knew about any of this. I know I didn’t. :confused: More questions I’d like to pose to him someday.