Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


As with hackercat I spent entire too much time on this… :joy:

@Viviane You get all the time donuts. They have sprinkles.~ :hugs:


ily, Rev. :joy: :hugs:


Absolutely glorious!!!


This needs to be made into a shirt :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


My new wallpaper!!


I love it so much!!!


thank you! that makes some more sense i think.
not at all where i was going with it.

good thinking!


Oh, but isn’t this a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Thanks to everyone for your hard work (especially given that I, like Endri, suffer from a distinct lack of temporal papercraft skills), none of this would be possible without you :brain:

Good work, @Viviane!



More numbers. Lovely.


It seems that the word “Book” is used to mean a heck of a lot more than bound paper in the realm of things Magiq.

The “Book” of Briars is a spell. Inlaudetus is an era in history called the “Book” of the Hidden.

To me at least, Augernon’s tone in this message is a healthy reminder that there is a hell of a lot more to all of this than solving the Fragments.

Thoth keep them, Ma’at guide them.


Those look kinda like coordinates.


Well, entered as coordinates, they are for some wilderness in Kyrgystan.


Once again, well done guys for all your hard work! Especially you @Viviane!


Are those clues for Fragment 14? What happened to the first fragment-per-key Roman numerals our “lodge” had been getting? We should ask Augie if they have been getting the same numeral sequence with Fragments 1-12 as we had, or could they have been getting coordinate values instead?


I think those may be the Roman numerals on the bottom of the pages we got from Augernon. Could be wrong, though. I think these are the next clues that will lead to Fragment 14.

Hopefully Augie gets an email from the Book, soon.


Do they fit with our sequence?

Edit:. Took me a minute to find the thread, but I don’t think they fit.


As far as I remember. I posted the pages to the Lore section.


The last ones @Robert posted we’re equivalent to “1647” and “1654” - I don’t think we’ve seen long decimals like these before.


I mean, I could be wrong. So don’t take my word for it. I’m very sure that plenty of our experiences have been very different from the 94’s.