Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


Thank Cripes. I can’t draw even more than I can’t temporally papercraft.


“Now” face down and “Then” face up
1 - S
2 - O
3 - T
4 - M
5 - I
6 - E
7 - T
8 - L
9 - T
10 - K


And “Now” face up / “Then” face down
1 - T
2 - U
3 - S
4 - O
5 - H
6 - S
7 - T
8 - I
9 - N
10 - D
Whew. The completionist in me is appeased.


The first and the last ones appear most word-like (to me), but I agree we should send them all to Augie and see if any of them get a reaction


@Viviane, but have you tried it where the arrow is pointing to the word’s paired word? With the clocks interlocked.

So the 1 arrow that points to Acorn, when interlocked with the other clock and paired with Oak would point at the letter behind Oak, not Acorn. :confused:


That’s what I’ve been doing, but I think I might have the clock faces on backwards now? So technically I need four more sets… puts completionist hard hat back on


Okay. I currently have the UP-UP/UP-UP permutation, where both clocks and all letters are facing up. The 1 Arrow points to Acorn which has U behind it and the letter behind Oak in that permutation is “L”

Maybe if we start there we can have a baseline and then try the rest. This permutation has the Past clock on the Past ribbon and the Present clock on the Present ribbon.


We all need to chip in and do something nice for you @Viviane. Thank you.


Okay, with the clock faces flipped around, the letter pairs 1-10 are:

Adding the other two in a moment.


Past up, present down: LTICCKESOE
Present up, past down: INLAUDETUS
“Inlaudetus.” I like that one.


That… last one looks like a thing?


My inner Latin nerd really likes it.


Don’t mean to be off topic, but this should be honored in the mountaineers coloring book :heart_eyes_cat::+1:t3: So fabulous


“Inlaudetus” is my favorite, too.

EDIT: Tried it on the Book of Briars, no luck (not that that specifically means anything in our timeline with the book in its current condition).


Now I can stop hiding my interlocked time donuts under the counter every time the senior librarian walks by.


I think we’ll have to send it to Augie. I’m not sure our book will react to it anymore, in the state it’s in. But it was worth a shot!


Well done @Viviane! I love Inlaudetus as well!


Who’s sending today?


I volunteer Viv seen as she knows what’s going on right now and should take the praise for the work :slight_smile: Though it is giving her more work… and I shouldn’t volunteer people…


well done! im just sad i couldnt be of more help here.