Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


Oh, good call Endri! I’ve been working with the faces in a 1 up 1 down arrangement, because that was what I had from before I split the strip into two halves. I wonder if they need to be oriented so that the letters on both loops from the strip are right side up relative to the faces? That would explain why splitting the strip in half was necessary!


Sorry, yeah, it’s confusing.

Both clock faces can be taped to their “timeline” strip so that the clock and the letters on the strip are both facing right side up or the clock is facing up and the letters are upside down.

So there are four combinations of orientation:

  • Both past and present clock faces and letters on their strips are right side up. UP-UP/UP-UP

  • Both past and present clock faces are up while the letters on their strips are upside down. UP-DOWN/UP-DOWN

And then alternating:

  • The present clock face is up while its letters are down, while the past clock face is up as well as its letters UP-DOWN/UP-UP

  • And then the opposite. UP-UP/UP-DOWN

I fear I have not made this any clearer.

And may be completely wrong.

Did I mention I like books? :sweat:


Okay, so it looks like we have…a lot of levels of permutations being considered here:
1: Which clock face to which half of the timeline strip.
2: Which Up/Down orientation for the clock faces, as Endri explained it above.
3: Whether the letters should come from where the arrows point across the clocks or where they originate.
4: How to determine the order the letters should go in.

Should we just exhaust all possible combinations? I feel like I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all these options. :confounded:


Oh man…that’s a lot of possibilities. There’s gotta be at least some options we can knock off right away, at least for those first three things. For people that have been messing around with the papers, does anyone have specific reasons for choices they made to maybe help eliminate options from the list?


Oh! I can help! Sorry, I thought this had been discussed: I think the clock faces interlock. That’s why they’re hollow. I think they interlock like chain links. Like our timelines are interlocked right now. So the 1 arrow points to Acorn, and if you rotate the present timeline so Oak and Acorn are touching, the arrow would point to the back of Oak!

BUT, which letter is on the back of Oak depends on the orientation of the clock face and the ribbon.

EDIT: I REALLY try not to interfere and respect Augie’s mandate to Ascender about you all solving these things but I SWEAR someone mentioned the interlockingness of the clocks. :zipper_mouth_face:


RIP Time Donut 2017-2017.
We hardly knew you.

shelves his spec script about a team of up a sassy theoretical physicist and hard nosed pastry chef solving crimes through a tiny little window into the past and/or future


Don’t worry at all, Endri! I was definitely trying to interlock the clocks, but I was trying to cover everything people still seemed to be considering in that post. Nice to know I’m maybe not as crazy as I thought. Or maybe we’re both crazier… :wink: :joy:


I’m happy to be bonded in our craziness!


Has anyone tried lining up the times on the letter strips with the area on the clocks?


I think that was tried earlier? It’s a little problematic, since too many of the times are within the same hour, and 15:04 and 3:04 look the same on a 12-hour analog clock.


Maybe because the way it’s set up with some of the numbers being, as you mentioned like 15:04, that one clock is am and the other is pm?


I think Endri and Viviane have spelled out the methodology. Now it’s to actually trying it and analyzing the results.


A quick doodle to commemorate the Time Donut for all eternity.


I imagined it as having sprinkles shaped like tiny hourglasses.


It’s a loose interpretation :grin:


Alright, for UP/UP, with the “Now” face attached to the present timeline, I have:
1 - S
2 - O
3 - T
4 - O
5 - H
6 - S
7 - T
8 - I
9 - N
10 - K
“Sotohstink.” That…looks like it might be something?


I know it’s a hassle, but if you can try all four permutations I will personally draw you a time donut badge.


And the letters all upside down gives:
1 - T
2 - U
3 - S
4 - M
5 - I
6 - E
7 - T
8 - L
9 - T
10 - D
“Tusmietltd.” Still sort of something, but less something.

I think that also gives me the combinations for the other two possibilities, but I’ll set them up to double check.


This is so over my head, but I’m totally happy to help digitize the time donut badge if you need some assistance :joy:


As @Robert said before, we should compile a list of possible fragment words and send them to Augernon today. Since I don’t really understand the papercraft puzzle (at all), I would nominate @Viviane to draft the message to explain her/Endri’s methodology.