Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


I don’t know if this was already asked but… What do we plan on doing with the word once we find it?


Send it to Augie to use in his Book, I suppose.

Of course if our Book won’t react to it, we won’t be able to narrow it down to one word. We’ll have to send him a list.


I’ve got the day off, so I’m rebuilding it twice, see what I get both ways.


Okay. I’m going to try to build it again too. The reference desk is pretty quiet right now so I can use the printer/scissors/tape with relative impunity.

I want to know why the dashed lines indicate cutting the center of the clocks out. I share the idea that they may interlock? Don’t know, will try.


Okay, I haven’t cut out the center of the clocks yet (for ease of getting the tabs in the right places), and here’s what I got:

Then clock on present:

Now clock on present:

I put two letters where I wasn’t sure where the ends would meet up. The first letter is if the excess branches away at the 12, the second is if it wraps around further.


Like several people, I don’t have access to printers or the ability to papercraft at work…could you maybe post pictures of the clock faces too?


To clarify, are these the letter that match up with the tail end of each arrow? Are they large or small letters?


They’re all the small ones (since we cut the big ones in half), and it’s the tail end of the arrows.


Here’s some pictures of the clock faces with our clock on the present timeline.


Guys, I like thundsitis, at least as a possibility. That would seem to mean something like storm sickness.

suffix: -itis

forming names of inflammatory diseases.
    used with reference to a tendency or state of mind that is compared to a disease.


And here’s pictures of Augie’s clock on the present timeline:

^This tab accidentally got cut off, so it may be a smidge off.


I also like ‘thundsitis’ as an option, but I also wonder if the numbers/word pairs we have should indicate a particular order. Maybe the interlocking could give us a different possibility for the order of the letters?

Also, here are the letters for the points of the arrows when I switched the clock faces so that “Adult” was on the “present” timeline:
1 - Acorn - C
2 - Caterpillar - O
3 - Wine - C
4 - Vinegar - I
5 - Oak - L
6 - Adult - E
7 - Tragedy - S
8 - Comedy - E
9 - Butterfly - T
10 - Child - K


Thundsits sounds awesome! Maybe we defeat the Storm by giving it a cold! :joy:


Using the same format as before:

Acorn Caterpillar Wine Tragedy Child
Oak Butterfly Vinegar Comedy Adult

C O C S K (snicker)



Well, part of it spells clocks.


E-Clocks Tie?


I think it’s missing a ‘C’, though?


You’re right. “CLOTICSEKE”?


Okay. What I found interesting is in all the photos we’ve posted so far we all have our own way to attach the faces to the mobius strip. There are multiple options.

So without anything else concrete to go on, I’ve been playing with the orientation of the clock faces. There are four options… Both clock faces oriented so that the “border” letters on the strips are right side up, both upside down, and then two alternating options; one up, one down.


I’m not 100% sure what you mean since I can’t really visualize that. But, just going by other things we’ve seen in the past, like say the animals in the tetrahedron that ‘right side up’ is usually a good bet at the way to go for these things.

I’m not sure if that makes sense in reality though.