Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


I’m wondering about that also. Was it a blank message or was there a not one sent at all? Caution is out best bet. And I did do some calculating, I’m 85% sure that this is the 18th day that we’ve been doing this, even though we only have 13 or so messages.


So, shall I send now?


I’m also concerned, but it could just be some kind of issue with the time magiq. After all, it’s a really difficult and dangerous magiq to use, so some issues can be expected.

I really hope Augie isn’t in a danger, but I lean towards him most likely being ok? When Marty met with Augie back in Fragment Eleven, he told us he was the last stand for the Mounties, the one who fended off the final assault to give them all more time. Considering their forum only recently went down, and none of them seem to know what the storm is yet, I think we should still have more time. Since Sullivan intends for us to solve all four fragments of the final lock, I’m assuming he planned for us to have enough time to do that. I’m not sure why the reply was blank, but I think if something had gone wrong in a really bad way, we probably would have seen some remnants of that on the Fletcher Dawson site (in the same way it did with the BoB site).


Go for it! :+1::+1:


Okay, it’s sent!



Oops it got a little mixed up


Maybe we can message Lauren, it should just be her know that KS is gone. Does Cags play a part in this? Can he help!


I was not expecting such a reply. Makes me want to redouble my efforts in studying mind magiq. There’s got to be some way to save those touched by the storm, right?


I think it might be time to let Augie in on the fact we are speaking to him from a future. We can’t come completely clean, but they need to know more.

Also, @Endri @Eaves, we need to reach out to Sender again, we need to know more about this event if we can.


Remember, that would tear time


I suggest we send him the Concealed Memory spell that we used for Augie.


Or future Augie


This got bad really fast…


I can’t even begin to imagine the quantum paradox that would cause.


That’s a good place to start. I wonder if there are more (hopefully better) remedies out there somewhere, too. I feel like the longer I’ve been aware of magiq, the more it hurts to know that we’ve lost so much knowledge.


Oh, Ascender. We never knew about this, about what he’s seen and the attack. This… makes things different. @Endri, does @Eaves know about this? Did you know?

Time is shorter than we thought. This is what drove Augernon to face down the Storm alone.

Solving this Fragment won’t change what’s happening, and from a strictly practical stance, my personal feelings aside… if we lose Augernon, the Council will protect the Book, but we will lose our connection to it.

What are we supposed to do?

What has been left for us to find that we’re missing?


I think we should start gathering for the reply, the Spell, and I think we should write messages to Ascender, Like get well soon messages and put them into the reply


Can anyone post the spell here? I need sleep very bad! Goodnight y’all


Ascender told us all we need to now, Stick together, Make sure the story is told,

Augie is overwhelmed and close to giving up hope, We have to help him through this as best we can. something horrible is happening to people around him and we need to remind him he’s not alone and we can beat the storm. Trust the flow of magiq…

I think telling him we are from the future is bad. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tell him the truth. We already told him the book stopped emailing us. I say we tell him why. Because we figured out t be book wants us to not solve it ourselves. It led us to Augie so we could help his lodge do it in their darkest hour.

We just need to find a way to get him to listen to that through the fear. If he ignores what Ascender said we will lose our only -connection to his time.

Also and most importantly. We need to make sure we have solved everything we can. Time is not our friend here.