Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


I went through the doc to check, and it says that this would be his 13th reply. Really don’t know what’s going on here and surprised that if he couldn’t send a reply why it’s not showing yesterday’s…


I meant more along the line of it being the 18th day that we’ve been doing this, though hopefully it would be the 18th reply…


Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like the Chronocompass is spinning slower.


Maybe we’ve solved it? Could that be why? (trying to be hopeful and not doing for the likely case)


So I was having this really hot quantum physics dream last night. (Just like everyone does, they just don’t like to admit it.) I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was waiting to fall back asleep to continue my dream I started thinking about the current puzzle (Again, just like everyone does.)

Things were bugging and inspiring me.

@Ashburn’s most recent pictures where the center of the clocks were cut out were something I hadn’t thought of doing.

But then I asked myself, what is the point of those tabs outside the clocks?

Then an idea came together.

First, cut out the tabs with the clocks.

Second, fold the tabs backwards 90 degrees on each clock.

Third, turn the clocks back to back and overlap the tabs.

Lastly, tape the tabs together.

Call me silly, but I think that construct would be a wormhole. An object half in the past, half in the present, tied together with the Mobius strip (somehow).

Maybe it’s something we could move more than just emails back and forth through time? Maybe book shaped things?

By the way since the name “A construct half in the past, half in the present that builds a time wormhole” is way too long of a name, I’ve personally taken to calling this construct the Time Donut.

I had brought an actual donut in to work to take pictures of as a visual aide…but I got stuck in traffic on the way to work and…well I may have eaten the Time Donut. But it’s okay, I think I have 27 years before I have to worry about the calories so it’s cool. I love quantum physics…


this is the most indepth version of this i’ve seen.

I. Love. It.

I was thinking something similar, except not needing the mobuis strip.
make the circle from the first time, cut out the marked point on the circle and fit the tabs in from the clocks on both sides.


An idea I had was to tape the two clocks with the bottom most tap so one would always be upside down, but I forgot about the strip… Your idea sounds awesome @Robert!


That’s awesome @Robert! But I’m still not sure what the opposites or numbers around the clock are for. That’s why I thought that something has to go in the middle


We have ten times in the loop. What if those time match up to the pairs? Like 1-5 (Acorn-Oak) is 09:08-20:09, 2-9 (caterpalliar-buterfly) is 20:05 - 21:01, 3-4 (wine-vinegar) is 15:04 - 14:12, 10-6 (child-adult) is 20:19-08:14.

Here, 15:04 - 14:12 is the “longest time”, being over 23 hours. Unless it’s the other way around, then is is 20:19 - 08:14 , being nearly 12 hours.


…Okay, I’m suddenly really concerned that “splitting the time” metaphorically with the strip somehow messed up the connection. :worried: Praying I didn’t screw anything up…

For lack of any other ideas, I joined the clock faces into a figure 8 where I cut them.

Also, assuming that the numbered arrows point at the words on the clocks, there’s a neat symmetry to the pairs of numbers: 1-5 and 6-10 have a difference of 4, 3-4 and 7-8 have a difference of 1, and 2-9 have a difference of 7. Just thought that seemed too tidy to be coincidence.


A little off topic here but “I may have eaten the Time Donut” is probably my favorite thing I’ve read in a long time.


So are we gonna try and send the same reply as we did yesterday or a different one?


We may want to put a little more emphasis on if they’re okay, ask somewhere near the top if they received our last message and mention it’s included if he didn’t, and that if he sent anything since the first half of the rhyme that we didn’t receive it.


I came up with something, what do you think?

Hi Augie,

I’m Ashburn, one of the Mounties working with Nimueh. She mentioned you’re an Ebie too?

OracleSage and Furia said they’d tried sending you where we got with the rest of the rhyme yesterday, but they didn’t hear anything back yet. Everything okay? (Beyond the other craziness Nim’s mentioned, I mean)

If our last message got lost in the web somewhere, here’s where we got with the rhyme:

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
And down she run
The mouse was not yet done

Hickory dickory shut
The mouse began to cut
The clocks did chime
She split the time
Right down the longest line

We’re not completely sure whether the last two lines are like that or “She split the line - Right down the longest time,” depends on how important it is to have the slant rhyme in the middle of the last three lines.

We’ve tried cutting the infinity strip in half down the full length (since it’s the longest line we could think of not already cut), but still working on what exactly is gained by having the two clocks separated but still linked by the strip.

Viviane and I also noticed that the arrows seem to be pointing across to the words on the clock faces, and that there’s a pattern to how the newer things match up with their older counterparts. 5 pointed out that it may be good to mention that a famous comedian once said that Tragedy plus time equals Comedy since that pairing stumped a few of us on our end.

Hope everything’s okay on your group’s end,



It looks good. I’m wondering if Augie would know why all of the other words match up with a past and future versions, but comedy and tragedy?


They actually mentioned the “comedy is tragedy plus time” thing on TV the same night it was mentioned here. I’ll make a point of adding it.

Edit: Okay, added to my original draft.


We have one


Hi Augie,
We aren’t sure if the others were awake to send this to you, so we thought we would give you the run down on today.
First of all my names Oraclesage, I’m a friend of 5 and Nim and a leader here at our lodge. I’m here with Furia, one of our Weatherwatch.

We might have figured out the poem "Hickory Dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
And down she run
The mouse was not yet done

Hickory dickory shut
The mouse began to cut
The clocks did chime
She split down the line
Right the longest time"

And while we were looking it seemed another done slipped into the mix! We are correcting the problem now, and I think our fragment finders will make quick work of it!
How are things on your end? Your latest corespondance has us all worried."


I did see it and mentioned it in the event that it was received, just not in time for a response to come through. The last couple lines on the rhyme text would still need tweaking if we re-send this one, as well as some sort of “we didn’t hear from you, are you okay?” added on.


Your draft looks good, Ashburn. I’m just a little worried about what the blank message suggests. Did Augie specifically send a blank reply? What if someone else sent that message? There may not be much we can do, even if that is the case, but I also want to be cautious.