Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


Maybe something to do with the times on them? In the picture you have above, it shows 14:12 or 2:30pm, so maybe try to match them up, like a cassette tape possibly. Maybe try tapping the string of letters in an oval to the tiny flaps hanging off of the clocks.


Wouldn’t the dashed lines match up with the dashed lines on the outside of the clocks? He says as if he has a clue what he’s talking about


Do we want to work up a draft in case we don’t get further than this tonight?

She says as she contemplates ruining the sanctity of her fabric scissors for the sake of trying to be productive.


I’m pretending I used different scissors…


It’s a good idea to make-up a draft, just in case.


Should i send it today?


Hi Augie,
We aren’t sure if the others were awake to send this to you, so we thought we would give you the run down on today.
First of all my names Oraclesage, I’m a friend of 5 and Nim and a leader here at our lodge. I’m here with Furia, one of our Weatherwatch.

We might have figured out the poem "Hickory Dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
And down she run
The mouse was not yet done

Hickory dickory shut
The mouse began to cut
The clocks did chime
She split down the line
Right the longest time"

And while we were looking it seemed another done slipped into the mix! We are correcting the problem now, and I think our fragment finders will make quick work of it!
How are things on your end? Your latest corespondance has us all worried."

This is what @OracleSage and I have come up with, thoughts or edits?


Twinning :grin:


Looks good you two.


Furia you wanna send it? Or should I?


Looks good, just fix the last two lines:

She split the line
Right down the longest time


I had actually read it as “split the time right down the longest line”…


Can anyone see a reply?


No, it just says “A Reply” then blank


I was hoping it was just me… slightly worried now…


It was suggested to me we sent our reply too late, but others argued replies have been sent later?

Any insight, ive only been following the direct communication between you two but not much of the set up :cold_sweat:


The day before I set a message at 11:45, so the message should have gone through.


I guess he couldn’t reply today? Or was it blocked somehow?


It could have been an error on either of our ends.
Here’s to him replying in the morning.
Goodnight mounties <3


Also, I think today might be the 18th day since first contact. It is atleast the 3rd week.