Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND


Here’s where we’ll discuss the actual Fragment 13.

The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass
Fragment 13: Lore Speculation


Beat me to it. Doesn’t that look like one of the pages that were filled in with planets later? Don’t remember what fragment those are from.


So more Roman numerals…


Looks like a cipher up top. Finally something I’m good at.


1664, 1667, 1852, 1865 I believe are the roman numerals


My first thought was, to build more squares from the dotted line parts - but there are 3 above parts and only 2 lower parts.

The tiny letters in the last row read clock - coincidence?


I’m hoping whatever’s above the coded message is a sort of key. I’m treating it like one at the moment. If someone has better ideas I’d be glad to hear them. Too many repeated letters in the wierd graph thing to be a basic substitution. More fun if it isn’t anyway. Sorry about all this I’m just writing down whatever I think as I think it. The Then might also have something to do with it. I might try playing with that as a key too.


The lower row on the middle line says ashes


Is it me, or when you say the bottum part out loud does it sound like an alphabet of sorts? Or at least it looks like some kind of sequence…


I’m impressed with the bit at the bottom of the first page. Usually coded messages have a wierd jumble of lenters but this one actually looks like a language in the sense that there are enough vowels to make things pronouncible.
Theyou also come in sets of threes. Strange. Probably not words or not whole words anyway. Maybe we have something else in sets of three already.


There are 3 letters in each of the boxes as well


The numbers above some of them look like timestamps. For what I wonder?


Why are there an R and a S on their own when everything else is in threes?


If this is the material they have for their Fragment so far, and the “theme” of the fragment is Time, then… the timestamps make sense in that way.


I’m wondering what the small numbers are for too on the diagonal from top left to bottom right…


I’m gonna have to tackle this in the morning. It’s late and my brain is not at full capacity. If I stay here I’ll likely start making more rambling unhelpful replies.


Gonna go tinfoil for a sec. Will update soon.


Also, some of the timestamps have a matching one.


Usually in this puzzle, each letter in a sentence is replaced by a letter from the key, which is what the big box up top is. But I don’t understand the times or the doubles, any ideas?