Fragment 13: Lore Speculation


…I mean, an Internet Cauldron doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. Maybe a little hard to interface with, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine growing up knowing you weren’t crazy for believing in magiq. How much more would we understand about the world, about our own history?

Most of what we understand (or I think we understand) about the nature of magiq is that it’s a relatively neutral (Tool? Entity? Force?) with benevolent inclinations. You can’t kill someone and use magiq, for example, if Teddy can be believed. You’d be cut off.

The BoB spell is fueled by our positive traits and positive emotions, our connection to one another and so on. Another factor to consider, and something that makes me feel that the Silver’s motives for wanting to stop us are not for our benefit.


Now I’m imagining we’re all bending over internet cauldron’s casting refresh spells over and over.


Well, now I have to clean up the water I just sprayed on my worktable from that mental image.


Loading circles of steam rising out of the Internet Soup within…
(I’ll get out of the serious thread now, I promise. Just couldn’t resist.)


I started it. :slight_smile:


What is even lore speculation without lulz?


I would say we are in the Book of Briars right now.


Okay? Going off of what @Nighteater said, could we be traveling through time? I have no way to prove or even say how we would do it:


We’re always travelling through time. That’s the nature of things.


I meant in a different way, but my idea was changed about an hour ago.


Ahh sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner! :disappointed_relieved: I’m thinking it’s the same as the glitched images in Fragment Ten - where we found hidden words and symbols like this and this. They can be tricky to spot and can require some photoshopping, which is why I was hoping someone might try the same techniques as those used in Fragment Ten.


I know this is pertaining to fragment 13, but we just got another “Book” which is tied to a period of time. My mind is blown right now on what this all could mean.

Also, is anyone else wondering the implications for Neither that we will likely be getting a new combination for the Chronocompass which will likely mean a new knocking combination to get into Neithernor?

I am glad it is night because I have a lot to process.