Fragment 13: Lore Speculation


Not to take away from this convo, but I really want to talk about the latest message…

I wanted to talk about the implications of what we just learned? Missouri and those other young Mounties who attacked Ascender and Knatz, they were brainwashed by the Storm some twenty years ago. But what happened to them after? Are they still being used by the Storm as puppets? Are they catatonic like Augie? Like…where did all these old Mounties go? Are they even alive?

And that brings us to our old pal, Marty. Back in Fragment Eleven, we received some information, an email from one of his old colleagues. According to the email, “I don’t know what else to say. There’s no conspiracy. If there was you have to believe I’d be there with you, fighting that fight. All that stuff you said, The Santa Colette Six, the girl in Jersey, those are fringe cases where kids went missing and then came back. They’re not connected, and they’re not connected to the kid who drowned in the tunnels.”

So we have this and just…what if Marty was right? What if those cases they’re talking about, the Santa Colette Six, the girl from Jersey, what if those were old Mounties who got controlled by the Storm? And like, if that’s the case, what happened to those people? Are they sleeper agents for the Storm, just waiting to come back? Or actively being controlled towards some mission? Those poor people…it’s stuff like this that haunts me…

Also would someone be so kind as to check over the doshen image for photoshop clues? I’d do it myself, but I’m kind of mediocre at spotting little things. Would definitely appreciate the help of someone with a keen eye. It has the glitchy Aether artifacts, so that makes me want to check if anything is hidden…


I thought I had nightmares about this stuff before. It never even occurred to me there were mind wiped, sleeper zombie shells of previous mountaineers trying to lure me into the forest to stab me. Thanks @Revenir!

Also, what image did you want searched for clues?


Sorry about the nightmare fuel, @Robert. We should all stay away from parks I suppose? Heh :sweat_smile:

This is the image I was hoping we could look over:

Also, apologies if it’s already been searched, I couldn’t find anything after a quick scan of the forums though. :disappointed_relieved:


Well that’s a scary thought.


Have we messaged him yet?


I don’t think so


Would it be okay with everyone if I sent it tonight?


Hey @OracleSage, if it’s okay with you, can @Viviane? She may have actually just found the solution to this fragment.


Woah really!?! Go Viv!!
Totally go for it!!

Probably shouldve taken a closer look at the fragment thread first :sweat_smile:


Obviously the first thing I noticed when reading the journal pages were that there is a circle that the text went around, but there’s nothing there. This intrigues me because it’s just an empty circle. It looks like something should be there, like a sketch, or a globe or something.


Have you read the Fragment 13 thread yet? Everything is explained on there:

So you don’t have to read through 800 posts I suggest you click the summarise button!


More lore coming to us from the Book, it seems.


Books with Books…


Well they’re not grid coordinates as nothing came up that was of interest when I put them in


Rev: are there QR codes in this image? Tiny ones?


This whole “The Book of…” gives me Myst vibes.

Though, instead of a book containing an actual world, it seems to me that at some point in time/another time magimystics described periods of time as Books. Like an epoch, or an era.


The implications of that in regards to the Book of Briars and the Lost Collection gives me goosebumps.


Yeah, same. I’ve been rolling that marble around my head for a couple days. Are we literally/metaphorically trying to read about a previous age? Or start a new age? The age of briars…


That may very well be, and that takes our conflict with the Storm and the Silver to a new level.

Imagine. The Council has been trying to unroll a new era in the multiverse for centuries (assuming it is more than our own mundane world that’s affected) and the Silver have been trying to stop it.



Democratization of magiq? Weakening of their will/power? The truth? It’s headache-making to think about all the ways our world could be different if The Council had started this “age” at any of the milestone mountaineer points we know about throughout history. And what does it mean for us if we somehow manage to start it with the 94s? Suddenly, poof, I’m sending this message from my internet cauldron?