Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


Me too, I tried at 6:59, 7:00 and 7:01.


So we have 3 hours to come up with a new method. Progress though, I like it.


Tried and ??? Got a leave a message thing… i may have been a minute too late


Well damn. We didn’t miss it, there is just something more to it. But what?


Okay. Let’s try to pul something from the last 2 lines.

With these digits properly placed, its time to find the jeweller’s face
where fifty thousand shadows fall, now find a way to make your call.

Find a way to make your call…that’s gotta be the key.


Hmm. What do we think about the jeweller’s face part?


Also, what about the line “find the jeweler’s face where fifty thousand shadows fall”
What does that even mean?


Just brainstorming, but I was thinking jeweller’s face could maybe have to do with a Tiffany’s clock? Because when I think of NYC jewellers, Tiffany’s is definitely the one that comes to mind.

EDIT: but even if we find another place, how it would help us make a call, I do not know.


Oh by the way, when i called the 646-882-7833 number (i tried both), uh… the voice that said i couldn’t get through sounded like Brandon to me? but i also have a hard time discerning voices, I’m going to upload the recording from that because i want a second opinion


It would be strange, plus we still have access to all the mp3 files from first trial so we could compare the voices pretty easily


Oh I found it.

The Barthman Jewelers store - In 1946, the NYPD estimated that fully 51,000 people stepped on the clock daily between 11AM and 2PM.


Okay, it has a compass and a date 1884. maybe we enter 1884 like you would to dial an extension


That’s odd, I think I may have gotten something different. I got a robotic lady saying “The party you are calling is not currently accepting calls. Please call back at another time.”


tried 1884 after the beep. no love


Ok, this is a really weird idea, but what if we texted it? o-o


I’m down for that. I texted them “The Barthman Jewelers store clock?” - I’m not sure they will answer (or if that’s the right thing to say) but anything is worth a try.


Oh shit (edit: pardon my french) - they answered

A ring, a buzz, a tick, a hum.
It matters where you’re calling from.
You have them all but what comes after?
Time to look down on the Crafter.

I think we have to send someone to that clock, perhaps? But how would they know where we are calling from?


Beautiful progress! Hooray! Now, what/who in the world is “the Crafter”. and why is it capitalized?

Edit: The best I’ve gotten in the little bit I’ve done is a freakin luxury watch show! Luxury. Watch. Show. What in the world!


First thought, if Brandon is The Crafter, he buried himself in a shell (the subway station) There’s a clock on City Hall.
Just random spewing, I’ll look into it more
I’m thinking that the subway has those glass panels, you be able to see them from above.


The Crafter was mentioned at the very start of the riddle. Re-uploading below so we can reference it.