Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


I’m gonna try 646-882-7833 as soon as it hits seven, and I’ll try to record the call too.

Edit: and I checked the laws in my state and new york, both have one person consent laws and I’ll be the consenting person :wink:


I guess that decides it then, but we can’t be too far behind. Anybody want to post about the unicorn tapestries and their connection to the story? Or at least start the conversation. I’ll do it if no one else wants too :smiley:


I’ll do it :slight_smile:


Go for it Brendon :slight_smile:


You sure? I don’t mind stepping back on this one


Let’s try and make it a bit less suspicious and sudden :stuck_out_tongue: Looking at you @Revenir :wink:


No - that’s cool. Go for it. I should be heading to bed anyway! LOL Damn The Devoted and this wild goose chase for recking my sleep!


Hey, there’s nothing suspicious about dogs wearing people clothes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol, I do think we should do this a bit more smoothly, if possible.


Of course of course, what was I thinking :laughing:


Posted, hopefully it fits


Great job, now to put in my doubting response that is usually wrong (:<


Phewf, that will definitely throw The Devoted off our scent :wink: hahaha


Nyeheheheh! They will never suspect a thiinng ;D


Got a promising one!

646-883-1033 - ring … Automated robot voice: “The number you have called cannot be reached with your current method. Please find the correct method and try again 2pm 7pm 10pm.”


That has to be it!


PPFFFFF ROBERT?? A promising one?? This is IT! With only a minute to spare!! Lux, you can record it right?? Call in! Somebody!


Sooo…Call back in two minutes, then? :open_mouth:


I can give it a call and see what happens in 1 minute - unless someone who can record it wants to do it!


Anyone else dying to figure out how we get 3 from the Runaway Skyscraper. I mean obviously you did it, great job!! But I really want to know where the 3 comes from haha. And also what the correct method is… if calling back right at 7 doesn’t work


I tried and nothing - just the same message as Robert.