Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


They may have excommunicated her. Maybe if she’s still alive (lets hope she is), she’ll be able to contact us about the situation.



I’m assuming this is @CRSumner’s Periscope account unless he tells us otherwise. If we don’t hear from him I assume we just start refreshing at 7pm.

He doesn’t have the benefit of a partner like @H3RM3S and @CCon at the Cloisters so we should assume he won’t be able to follow the forum while he’s streaming. So let’s respond through Periscope, and confirm any information through there.

If we have ideas about what he should do/try, let’s post them below. And can we get a headcount of who will be on the stream at 7pm? :wave:


I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I think I know why they need us. When the Mountaineers first started years ago, it was just a few people. Then they did something unprecedented because they needed help. They created this forum and invited us to help them and become a part of this.
We have an advantage the other factions clearly don’t have. Numbers. I believe we have more people working on this than they do. That’s something they obviously want to exploit.
I don’t believe they could be solving these trials faster than we do if they hadn’t stolen Brandon’s notes (and who knows what else). But even with all that they still couldn’t solve the trials. Not without us. That’s why they “reached out” to (invaded) us


I should be watching! And I think he should call this number, 646-883-1033, on the pay phone and ask for or about the Crafter?

Also, he should probably bring quarters…or whatever pay phones take.


I should be, but then again I said that last time. Still no phone so I won’t be able to say anything but it’s good to watch you know.
Definitely have him look in the coin slot beforehand and afterwards. Would be a clever way of hiding the disc if its even there. Definitely have him do exactly what @Kelsey said too. They want us to call about the crafter I think.

Edit: If they have like a coin return thingy, like on a vending machine, press that too.


I should be online for that. Just be careful. If by chance they are ahead of us they could be watching the phone


You ready @CRSumner? About 30 minutes left now :smiley:


Leaving now. I see it got about 200% creepier while I was at work.


@CRSumner We’re just as creeped out as you are love


Gosh I am like freaking out!!!


Sorry, train delay. I just got to Fulton Street. Will start streaming when I get above ground.


Oh snap, I just got caught up and it looks like the jig is up… I just hope @Reader is alright.

@CRSumner - Please be okay! Watch out for those Devoted creepers. :cold_sweat:


I love how there a people in the stream who don’t know what’s going on :smile:


64685… 646 sounbds like another phone number


It’s got to be part of a phone number. maybe try anohter payphone nearby? another piece?


type it in somewhere?
Edit: doesn’t work on the website :smiley:


So we’ve got 646-854-9330


I was blocked by the broadcaster for some reason :unamused:


Holy shit you guys. The fucking glass report!!! (Excuse my words but duuuuddeee)


He was grown up guys!!!

EDIT: so I just went back to listen one more time. I’ll record myself saying it on my phone. What’s the point of going to all this trouble if we don’t get it all? i’ll text again when I’m done and on my way home.