Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


Why don’t I e-mail them the numbers on the back of the disc at the Cloisters? Maybe they don’t respond tomorrow, maybe they do? They know we don’t have to wait for @H3RM3S at this point. May show them we are still willing to communicate


Proceeding to get a few spells ready, just in case we might need them.

Either way, let us continue toward the next puzzle


We can have CRSumner hang an ‘out of order’ sign on the payphone when he’s done and see if they fall for it. :slight_smile:


Woah missed some stuff today. The Devoted are super creepy - why didn’t they call us out on the “betrayal” yesterday?

I personally wouldn’t share anything with them until we find Brandon. If there is some dark puppet master pulling their strings, we don’t want them getting to him first.

I have a feeling they haven’t gotten to the phone yet or else they wouldn’t be needing our help.


Letting them know we’re still willing to communicate with them might be useful though. It doesn’t hurt to keep the lines of communication open.


Then what do we do with it? Nothing? They keep saying we have not finished the second trial, but I figured they would think we already have. We don’t work THAT slow.

Then again, it may have been just been a ploy for us to think at first, that they weren’t onto us


I am going to e-mail them right now. Just say we found “0195383869” on the back of the Traveler’s Disk at the Cloisers and we will be waiting for their communication to move on to the third trial. Sounds good?


@TheBellsAreRinging Oh Gosh. Ignore me. I thought that the number they used with the pictures was the newest one, but it was actually the one from before (too many numbers for my sleep deprived brain!) @Brendon definitely send them the number and see if they put anything up.

@Robert I think we should be willing to communicate to some extent, but we also have to withhold. They want to beat us to the end which I think means that they are definitely going to screw us over and not tell us what happened to Brandon if they get to the end first.


I excluded the waiting for your communication part but the e-mail is sent


@Kelsey Much to the chagrin of…well everyone I know…I have an annoying knack to play devil’s advocate and take as much as I can at face value.

The devoted have said they want us to come with them all along. They have given us info to move forward. Why? I don’t know, we’re just guessing.

Reader says it’s to leave us behind. Fine. That’s what she says. I have no reason to doubt her. I have no reason to believe her. All I know is she said it.

All I know for sure is the devoted are angry at us right now. So yes, I agree we have to find what’s out there first so that, in either their anger or their intent, they can’t leave us behind.

Once we have what we want (the fragment), I see no real reason to deny them what they want as long as we are willing to work together. That’s just my opinion.


Scratch that, I have tried twice and keep getting that the e-mail is undeliverable

EDIT: Anyone else willing to try? The number we need to send them is “0195383869”


Sure I’ll email them.


I just tried, didn’t work for me either. I guess that’s it then? I was friendly too.


Same - bounced back as undeliverable :frowning: So it’s onwards and upwards without those… individuals :slight_smile:


I suppose we’ll be waiting for Cole to show up at the payphone. Do we want to talk about this on the public forum? Maybe leave a message for them somehow?


I am with @Endri and I say we hold off going to the public forum for at least a little bit. We don’t know how far they are, and we don’t want to be giving any hints at this point.


Lol - I agree with giving them information, just after we have solved it - as they have pretty much done with us throughout this entire endeavour. We don’t owe them anything, we’ve been nothing but helpful (up until now haha).


True, plus, most if not all active members can see this message anyways, they’ll know what’s up.


This probably won’t help us at all, but at least it was kind of fun to make. Just in case we have trouble translating something from their new font.


Anyone else worried about Reader? I hope she’s alright…