Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


Good thinking!


The jig is up.


Just got an email - anyone else?

We are close to completing the third trial.
You are still behind.
You must catch up.
We can all work together.
New materials have been provided.


oh dear
they found out


They say we can work together… and then say that we betrayed them. Either they are very fast forgivers, or they don’t like us much anymore


Is there any point pretending anymore? I guess not.

Good news, they haven’t finished the third trial yet. Granted, we’re not sure if we’ll complete it at that payphone or it’s step 1 of 6…but they’re not done yet.


So… to the main forum? @Endri thoughts?


I’m going to go with the latter! They’ve been stringing us along for days.

I agree @Robert - no point in hiding it now - we should have the jump on them is CR is going tonight.


But what if they haven’t found the pay phones yet? Or all the numbers? They were lying in the email, that we could work together, they might not be as far along as they claim…


True, no point displaying everything we learn and continue to learn where they can read it. Good point.


Yeah, I didn’t really think of that. Good point


So they were at The Cloisters on Sunday following @H3RM3S @CCon and @Reader - this is… well creepy is an understatement!


Yeah, I had serious shivers when I saw those images. I hope @Reader is okay.


So what does this mean for all of us…? What do we do? Just keep going with the plan of Cole going to the payphone? Do we just tell them what has happened? I am so distressed right now.


And a third countdown has begun with the same runic symbols in place of the numbers. Wow, the Devoted sure are petulant.


Can you make out when it expires? I think I know, but I am curious…


Well, I am pretty sure that the third countdown isn’t new. When the 2nd one ran out, a new one started. It gave us 5 days, so…


3 days, 23 hours, and then some. I was able to determine the symbol for three by watching the seconds countdown. Zero is still 0 so it wasn’t too hard. So just under four days which would be the 29th. The anniversary.


Our primary goal is to find the fragment. The Book of Briars pointed us to Brandon, so we do our best to find Brandon. We do our best to keep to the timeline.

Personally, despite my gut feeling and basic human emotions telling me the contrary, I’m not inclined to hate the Devoted. According to Reader they’ve fallen under some dark sway and it sounds like they’ve been betrayed before in the past. We can’t let them get ahead of us, because in their current state they may never share it. I wouldn’t object to helping them out once we move beyond the current trial though. I see no reason to be like them.


That’s true. I just wish we knew where they were in the puzzle. For all we know, they could be past the payphone point, because who knows if that’s even close to the end?