Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


And looking for a “traveler’s disc” at a bridge in the middle of the night isn’t crazy? :smiley:


On a side note, @H3RM3S I don’t know if you will get this, but if you could post the pictures of the disc in the public forum right after school (I am assuming your school is done around 3:00?). Maybe make up a story that you couldn’t wait any longer so you left school at lunch and went looking. That way we may be able to get an e-mail in and a response by 3:33


There must be some way of doing it, i mean payphones have privacy blockers oneither side of the phone don’t they, and you could hold the recording device infront of you near the phone blocking it from most of the wind


I’ll try an do both, stream and record. Do’t want to use the fb login you guys gave me right? Everybody can see. I set up periscope to watch the museum caper. I can just use that. Cool?


Oh definitely. I was just making a joke :slight_smile:


Its all good, I was just making sure that payphones where this is all happening do in fact have those privacy blockers


Thanks Cole! :smiley:


Also, who wants to be in charge of e-mailing the devoted the numbers on the disc? @H3RM3S can do it, I can do it, or if someone really likes e-mailing those creepy guys, they are more than welcome to do it too. I am just trying to streamline this a bit so hopefully we can get this in as quick as possible.

EDIT: I shouldn’t say @H3RM3S can do it, I actually have no idea. I am just leaving the option open for him if he wants to


If you would like to do it I think that’d be great. I agree we should try to get it to them before the next 3:33pm window. Not sure how that’d work out though.

We definitely want them to think we’re still on the track just slightly behind them. Otherwise when we finally reveal we’re ahead of them they’ll know someone helped us besides them.


Do you know their e-mail address?

EDIT: I believe it is dvtd102986@_____ I just can’t remember the blank



It seems we may have to wait later. I guess @H3RM3S’s school gets out later than we thought.


One more day isn’t the end of the world


Does anyone else get absolutely freaked out as it gets closer to 3.33pm EST???


Yeah. Mostly I just dread the ‘we’ve finished the next trial slackers’ emails.


So…this is happening now.


:astonished: WTF???


That hurts the ol’ eyes


The Trial 1 data file directory is empty. Pictures are reverted in some cases to pre changed ones (like the castle) and inverted.


I guess we should discuss this in the open, it’s something we would do normally.