Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


@endri why wouldn’t you captain?


@CRSumner May not be able to help us, he hasn’t been active for a good bit. I told him about what was going on, how things could be getting dangerous for all of us, and told him to make sure he was safe. No response from him since that message. It is also past 10, so we may have to wait for tomorrow. There has to be someone though.

@YankeeWhite do you think that Daniel guy, I think it was, would be able to help us?


@H3RM3S d’ya think your friend can go on his own?


Its a good job I can speed read. This is brilliant work! So we’re going to try and call from the three payphones? @Leigha what did you mean about the clock and a compass?


Great job everyone! It would be great if @CRSumner could help if the brilliant @H3RM3S isn’t able to go.


I can’t go and @CCon is really busy. This looks like a job for @CRSumner


Cuz I have school and he has work.


I’d help but unfortunately i live halfway across the world from where this is all going down


I’ll try messaging him again. Maybe he’ll see it this time around.


Okay. So, I have a shift today but I can make it downtown for 7pm? So night time. Again. That work? If you get somebody else before no worries… I know there’s a time crunch.

I wake up to emails like this and feel like Ethan Hunt. A Hoboken Ethan Hunt.


The man speaks! Thanks so much, as always. You the real MVP my dude! 7 pm is perfect, saying its one of the times on the paper.


Lol, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”


The Barthman’s clock has a compass around it. Turned out to not mean anything, was just putting it out there.


Are doing another live stream or no? Might as well start planning :smiley:


I feel like it could be difficult to do a live stream of a phone call. I am kind of fine if Cole just lets us know what he finds out.


Same here, plus people will be around, so he should be fine as far as him being safe.


More important than live streaming is recording what happens on the call. Either commit to memory, record the audio or take notes. Knowing Brandon this could be a 12 stanza poem with lots of details we need.


@Robert’s right. He should try and record the audio. If it ends up being something simple that he could’ve just remembered, oh well, but if not it could be bad. We don’t get too many chances to do this before the Devoted have gotten to it. We need to stay ahead.


I think finding a way to record it would be the best bet as well, because something that sounds like nothing may in fact become something needed


How does one record a payphone on a busy street without looking like a total crazy? :wink: hahaha