Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


OMG, I actually did some @Bash-style admin things… (I searched for 500 in settings and changed it to 1,000, but still.) We’re back on.


Thanks @Endri!
As far as an address, I was able to get 176 Broadway, New York, NY 10038
There should be a payphone right nearby. We could always have another stream if you want, but we don’t have to.


Well i guess i won’t have to make a prt 2 thread. Thanks @Endri


I’d rather keep everything together at this point if it works for you guys.


Yeah, just for a while. If we hit the limit again… Maybe it is time to move to another thread because 1000 replies is a bit much :sweat_smile:


Thanks Captain!


I have very quickly grown accustomed to that. :anchor:


So, @H3RM3S. Are you able to go there sometime soon? We should definitely get there ASAP, before the Devoted get there


Tell me I’m crazy so i can stop obsessing over this

also i was wrong, the number i called was 646-883-7833, not 882

I am sincerely doubting myself… but i also want a second opinion.


I hear the similarities but I don’t think it is the same


waste of time then? sorry.


Nothing in this whole ordeal is a waste of time, and definitely nothing to apologize for. All good :slight_smile:


someday my delusions of finding something important will work out


So just to recap - we have figured out that the number to call is 646-883-1033. We believe that the call must be made from outside the William Barthman store at 178 Canyon of Heroes. As you can see in the picture below, there is a pay phone just outside the store.

If possible, can anyone make it there for 10pm tonight? We know the Devoted are close to solving and we want to beat them to it. If no one in here can do it today or tomorrow, do we think about getting poor Cole involved again?


Cole did say he had fun during the bridge thing.


Yeah, until big dummy me freaked him out when I noticed the disc changing.


Lol we can just pretend that never happened

EDIT: if we are going to ask him, we should do it now because 10pm is in just over an hour (if he can go tonight).


lets just do it, @CRSumner care to help us again?


I just realized I can’t go I have something to do. We need a change of plans.


Wow, that location is like 2 blocks from the World Trade Center!