Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two


Sorry to disrupt the flow, but I’ve been thinking about how @Reader said I look like Brandon, so I’ve been doing some research on Brandon’s last name. I’ll get back to you all tomorrow if I get anything.


Is there maybe a pay phone near that clock?


What about that oculus from so long ago? Is that something someone can walk to? Maybe that is it, its all I can think of!


I suppose we may have forgotten to inform you on this @H3RM3S and that’s probably our fault. We are going to pretend like you are going out and getting the second disc. You will probably have to be the one to post the pictures again later on the public thread.


All i could find was a T-Mobile store. I don’t think pay phones exist anymore


Sure thing.


this shitty app is making it hard to transfer my recordings on my computer but it really sounds like Brandon to me!! maybe i’m crazy… working on it, will also try the number again at 7 PST


If it’s the one at 176 Broadway Google Street view says yes!


Oh wow. Nice job! So…anyone up to going there tonight at 10pm?


Maybe we have to have someone call that number through the payphone? Or maybe there is something at the pay phone?


Okay I’ll post the disk pics tomorrow on the other post.


according to this 2013 survey of pay phones there are 3 nearby


@YankeeWhite found the phone, right outside William Barthman’s


I guess this means we are ahead of the Devoted, maybe. I wonder what will happen if we get the third disc before they do! Oh man the panic that would instill in them!! Reeevveeennggee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


3 red dots payphones near that intersection Broadway and Maiden



I can’t imagine that @H3RM3S would be able to go at such a late time, tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow the Devoted won’t have gotten it yet and we’ll be able to get our grimy hands on it! Maybe him and @CCon could travel again! Adventures, hooray!


Get what. Sorry I’m having a brain fart


The third disc (or at least another clue)! It should be at the payphone right where @Yankee found it!

Uhh… @Endri, looks like we hit the reply limit… :smiley:


Can I get an address?