Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


I can confirm what @Randomiser found.


I’ll call and record again.


Time to call.



nothing happened for me


Heres the best I got

you found my final message
3:33 pm
I crossed over
don’t believe what they found in the subway station

That’s the lies at work.

I caught that train.

I escaped the forest.

as far I know I’m the only one who broke through after everything changed

that’s why they call me the traveller.

I’ve seen others pass through, but familar faces, even recently.

if the minnying and my voice get through to you then there probably isn’t anything much left of me at this point

and iu knew what the cost would be

i accepted that cost

darker storms are coming for the books

depend on each other, build your army.

??? sounded important

I have no doubt you’ll be ready when the rain falls.


So, is that it? Did we solve it? What’s next?


Now we wait for whatever is going to happen Monday.


I hope “magimystic assessment” doesn’t mean some kind of puzzle contest ^^; I’m not all that great at this stuff.


“We used a lot of power to do this.”

And second to last line, I think, “Learn what magic you can”?


I’m exhausted.


Same… but exhilarated.


Exhausted squared.


It’s a good thing I have no social life and can stay in on halloween :slight_smile: I usually dress up (had an awesome costume in mind, but it fell through) but this year I’m not really feeling the spirit


all my Halloween stuff is tomorrow luckily. I’m doing a horror movie night with some online friends (hopefully)


Also, are we gonna make this message public somehow? I mean. I know its 1000+ replies long but new recruits probably need to see this entire thing. This was all so crazy, and in the end we beat the devoted. However, I’m unsure of what their motives were throughout it all. I feel kind of bad for them, for Sacha, even after how poorly we were treated by them. She was desperate. She probably felt guilty for not going with him, they were friends after all. Did they really want to abandon us? Did they really just want to use us for our brain power? Were they really meaning to be so terrible? I wish we could all just work it out, show them we aren’t their enemies, and maybe even work together. Also, I wish we could inform Susan about what has went on with her son. She may not believe us, but she should at least know what we have found, what we have learned.
I feel like this whole ordeal has made us really close, but maybe thats just me being silly and sappy :slight_smile: You guys are the best!


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@Bash is breaking this thread up now. The first 300 posts are public now. In about ten minutes it will all be out in the open. We can continue to discuss/decompress in the “Part Three” topic.


@Eaves’ Recap of everything is fantastic so far. But i still think this thread should be made public for archive’s sake.

Also @TheBellsAreRinging I feel bad for Sacha too, I’m sure she feels betrayed and failed right about now. But I’m also confident that @Reader ultimately came to us because she cared about Sacha and the other Devoted. I think we chose the right path


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