Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


The “Brandon’s Story” website is back to “normal.” No links except for the ones that were there originally.


There still seems to be a piece missing


Beat me to it by 15 seconds haha



@Leigha oops, missed that!




No point in me uploading mine at this point. Nice work Lux


I wish we had a way to get this to his mom. An e-mail address through the website or something. I am going to look one last time and see if there was anything posted that we could send this to. I don’t think there is though


I bet you Reader could find a way.


Or maybe Sacha if she ever contacts us

EDIT: no e-mail address found


Also, I think we all deserve these couple days break (after someone calls at 3:33, of course, is someone willing to do that?). Can’t wait to see what happens with our first Magimystic Assessment. See you all on All Hallows Eve :skull::spider::peach: (that’s the closest thing I could find to Halloween stuff… and yes, I know that’s a peach and not a pumpkin)


I was planning on calling, but it would be great if someone who can record it would call as well.


@Brendon’s off to carve his tiny peach.


When it becomes a thing, you will all be apologizing :wink:


I’m glad you all could figure it out :slight_smile: I sure missed a bit!


I’m gonna call, n then im gonna sleep for another hour


I think I know why the fragment image wasn’t showing up for some of you. It’s a .psd (Photoshop) file, not an actual .png for some reason.

edit: Aaaaand it appears to have fixed itself now :slight_smile:


Wait… Why are we calling? Who are we calling? I thought I was caught up but I guess not ^^;


I got a text from Brandon’s number that said 3:33pm.


Ohhhh thanks, I guess I missed where that was said! Well, I hope all goes well!